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I seem to have done nothing but write about volcanic ash recently. It caused unprecedented problems 3 weeks ago shutting airports in Northern Europe. People were stranded across the world unable to get back home and to work. International sports events were disrupted and the world's leaders had to cancel plans to attend the recent funerals of the Polish presidential couple killed in an air crash in Russia.

Over the last few days it has been making cameo appearances again, stopping flights over Ireland and Scotland and then closing a large number of airports in Spain and Portugal. It seems that destinations in Switzerland and Germany are also being affected.

So where does that leave me then?

Frankly, nothing has changed

We can't speak for other insurers, but World First will continue to cover you. In concrete terms, this means if you are delayed for over 12 hours because your flight has been cancelled, you can claim (to use the insurance speak term) Travel Delay.

You can then claim Abandonment (more insurance speak) if you are delayed for more than 24 hours in any alternative travel arrangements offered to you.    You will need to prove that your flight was cancelled for that length of time when claiming because flights will start to resume when the airspace ban is lifted.

If you are stuck abroad when your policy is about to run out, it will be automatically extended until the next available flight is offered and no further than that.

If you buy a policy before going to one of the affected areas you will not be covered. You cannot insure against something of which you are already aware.

And then there's British Airways again

It seems nothing is resolved with British Airways with the two sides as much at loggerheads as ever following the recent sacking of a union official. News reports are saying that a variety of scenarios have been laid out for strike action although no-one is certain yet. In the current situation of mistrust though, there's a fairly good chance that there will be some disruption in June.

That seems like another good reason to get some insurance then. As with the volcanic ash, if you get your insurance before the strikes, you will be covered.

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