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British AirwaysBritish Airways cabin crew to strike again.

It seems like British Airways' long-running dispute with its cabin crew is some way from being resolved. A series of strikes was announced by the Unite union to begin on 18th May until 24th May. Legal action by BA on 18th May cancelled them on the basis that the union had not informed its members that 11 votes had been spoiled.  The union appealed and 2 days later the strikes were back on. As things now stand, further strikes will be held on 24th - 28th May, 30th May - 3rd June and 5th - 9th June. The union also said it would hold a further ballot for industrial action over the company's conduct during the dispute.

The strikes, just like last time, will obviously impact travellers. For now, the position of insurance companies, World First travel insurance amoung them, has not changed and payments will be made according to terms and conditions previously announced if, of course, the strikes go ahead.

If you took your World First policy out before 16:35 GMT on May 10th you’ll be covered if your flight is cancelled or disrupted under the “Travel Delay” and “Abandonment” sections of the policy – cancelled or delayed flights.

Policies purchased after 16:35 GMT on May 10th however will not be covered in respect of these forthcoming strikes on these days for Travel Delay or Abandonment.

What with the volcanic ash and BA strikes, travel insurers have got some work on their hands. Watch this space.

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