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After weeks of disruption and chaos, it seems that finally the Icelandic volcano is calming down. Although scientists can't yet say that the eruption is over, there seems to be little activity in the thing that no-one can pronounce, Eyjafjallajökull.

So what does that mean for your travel insurance? To be honest, nothing. That may sound flippant but one thing that this whole episode has highlighted for me is the absolute usefulness of travel insurance. A lot of people got caught out because they thought insurance only covered things like breaking legs, getting ill and lost baggage. Consequently, they bought it at the last minute and weren't covered because their flight had been cancelled. I don't want to sound like a moralising, "I told you so" ninny, but buying your travel insurance when you buy your holiday really is a good idea.

In other news, the British Airways strike is on again. Today's talks at ACAS were apparently close to an agreement but they have failed to seal the deal. The usual conditions apply to your travel insurance. If you bought it before the announcement on 10th May you'll be covered. If you bought it afterwards, you will be covered for everything not related to the strike, but not for delayed travel or failure to get away. Sorry.

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