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Insurers, risk and pre-existing medical conditions

Actuaries are a conservative bunch. It's said that they're the ones that found accounting and insurance a little too exciting. They spend their days among tables and charts that they use to calculate the risk of you and me falling under a bus before giving us life insurance. They spend their lives calculating whether that risk is worth taking. They're the ones, like the man in the Treasury that holds the purse strings, that have to say "no". They must have a lot of joy in their lives.

With all those boxes to tick that they impose before they'll insure you, it's not surprising that quite a few people are frustrated and disappointed that they can't get insurance generally and travel insurance in particular. Yet there are real people and real stories behind all the numbers and many aren't able to do what they want to do. But it's not all bad, here's a happy story that bucks the trend.

The traveller's predicament

A recent customer at World First travel insurance, let's call him George because he's a bit shy, was in a predicament. Over the years he's travelled a lot and has always used the same company. When he told them he was going to Canada for two months to see his granddaughter graduate, he didn't think they'd have a problem. "Oh no!" they said, "the cost of hospital treatment is far to high for you in Canada", and they refused point blank to cover him.

Did I say pre-existing medical condition?

It's fair to say that George does have a few health issues, at 78 he's on medication for high blood pressure (hey so am I and I'm MUCH younger than that!), he's got one new knee and is due to have the other one replaced soon. He spent a lot of time calling travel insurance companies and most of them either wouldn't touch him or gave him ludicrously high quotes. One wanted more than £1000 that was just for 31 days. Not a lot of good as he wanted to go for two months.

Here come the cavalry

Then a friend suggested he contact World First for a travel insurance quote. He called thinking they'd be the same as the rest and resigning himself to the fact that he wouldn't be able to go to Canada. To his great surprise, he passed the medical screening process and then to his even greater surprise, the quote they gave him was much lower than expected.

I can go to Canada now

So now, British Airways and volcanic ash notwithstanding, he can go to see his granddaughter's graduation and he's recommending World First to all his friends.

So the answer isn't always no everywhere, there will always be a solution out there. World First is a specialist travel insurance provider not just for pre-existing medical conditions but also cover the over 60s, over 70s and the over 80s. Drop in and see.

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