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The World Cup is finally here and thousands of football fans are packing their bags and planning their trip. Because we're nice people, World First Travel Insurance is giving you a few helpful hints and tips to make sure you don’t score an own goal when it comes to your holiday. And you won't need to make a claim.

1. As with any large scale event, make sure your valuables are kept safe in a money belt or under clothing.

2. If you hire a car make sure you keep the doors locked and valuables out of sight at all times as car-jacking and ‘smash and grab’ incidents are not unusual in South Africa.

3. Remove any personal belongings from your car overnight. Most travel insurance policies will not cover you for items stolen from a vehicle between the hours of 8pm and 8am.

4. Be careful when it comes to buying food, avoid street food stalls as many are unhygienic and have health risks.

5. HIV and AIDS are extremely widespread in South Africa.  Be aware of this in all environments but in particular ensure you use protection if you have sexual intercourse.  Your travel insurance policy won’t cover you if you contract an illness of this type.

6. Make sure your policy covers you for the extras you might take part in, like scuba diving or cage diving with sharks. If you fancy that kind of thing.

7. Take reasonable care of yourself and your possessions, especially whilst drinking.  Any accident caused whilst under the influence of drink or drugs may invalidate the policy. And hangovers aren't nice.

8. Check your policy details for the cover for personal possessions and baggage.  Most insurers will not cover you for the loss or theft of football match tickets so make sure you keep them safe at all times.

9. Avoid areas that are poorly lit in the evenings, where possible try to stay on main streets and with groups of people, avoid going out alone.

10. Most importantly, make sure you take out adequate travel insurance to cover you if something does go wrong and be sure to carry your policy details and claim numbers with you – just in case.

11. No matter when or where you travel there are always risks. Be aware of potential hazards and make sure you are prepared before you leave, then all you need to worry about is having a great time and if your team will make it past the quarter finals.

World First Travel Insurance offer single trip travel insurance policies priced from £700 and annual travel insurance cover from 18.00*.  Visit for more details

*This is not a definitive price. Actual price is based on individuals’ circumstances and eligibility for cover.

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