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HIV Travel Insurance Cover

We've been providing medical travel insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions for a very long time and we're the first company in the UK to offer HIV travel insurance - A claim occasionally made by one of our competitors who knows very well that we were first because we were behind his first product too, but enough of that.

When we are asked to cover HIV we need to ask a series of questions which is just the same process as we would undertake if asked to cover any other medical condition, and we cover 1000's including cancer, heart problems and diabetes. So as you would expect we have a system and very careful approach to maintaining

the quality of the service we provide, and also the travel insurance products you buy. Our screening for HIV has evolved over the years and improved alongside advancements in the treatment of HIV.

We are aware that some other travel insurance companies who cover HIV do not ask about CD4 and Viral Loads and claim that it is outrageous to request such information, but our research tells us otherwise. The CD4 is the single piece of information that suggests the health of the immune system and therefore a key indicator in assessing the health of the individual.  People can have low CD4 counts and still be healthy but doctors now advise that individuals should start on HIV treatment once the CD4 count drops below 350.   The Viral load is used alongside this test to measure and assess how effectively treatment is working in an individual, but if the results of only one test were available it would be the CD4 test that would be the most useful.

The result of our screening is that premiums remain competitive for a wide range of available policies. We cover over 65s, cruise travel insurance, adventure trips, single and cheap annual travel insurance

And because we are directly authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority you have no worries about data protection because we are so highly governed. Your information will never be shared and we are not part of a larger group of companies - we're actually a small family business with a heritage of personal service and have been involved with HIV charities and support organisations since the very first diagnosis of HIV was made in the UK.

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