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As mentioned in the Daily Telegraph – Gill Charlton Travel Insurance review

We were delighted to be reviewed in Gill Charlton’s Daily Telegraph article on Saturday 24th October entitled “Ask Gill: reduced mobility meant going nowhere.”

At World First we have built an enviable reputation for providing medical travel insurance to cover pre-existing conditions and our approach to medical screening and insurance for the over65s means our premiums can often be much less than other travel insurance quotes

you will find online for this type of cover. As a specialist company focusing purely on travel insurance, we are able to cover 1000’s of different medical problems including cancer, HIV, heart conditions and hypertension and because we use such a sophisticated risk-based system we are often told by clients how much better our prices for covering their medical problems are compared to other insurance companies.

Of course, we use computers to carry out the screening when people ask us for insurance to cover medical conditions, and sometimes we cannot help, but we like to think we are good at listening to people’s problems and, as a travel insurance specialist, if we cannot cover somebody we normally know another insurance company who will and are always happy to put clients in touch with other respected insurance providers.

Getting positive feedback from clients is always so refreshing and to be referred to by the Daily telegraph as “something of a saviour for older people with stable, controlled medical conditions” was such a wonderful accolade. That said, we realise it isn’t just insurance for over 65s  that can be hard to find when you are looking for the best travel insurance quotes, and at World First we cover a wide range of ages including gap-year takers who are looking for backpackers travel insurance.

As a result of the extra coverage we received and all those additional policies we have sold, we thought we would use the blog to include some of the more interesting case studies where we were able to show some considerable savings for our clients:

HIV Cover – It’s so easy travel insurance
A gentlemen aged 43 wanted a longstay travel insurance policy for a 121 trip to Australia. He had stable counts for both his CD4 and Viral Load, whilst also suffering from Osteopania. At World First we quoted £186.89 whilst it’s so easy travel insurance, who also offer HIV travel insurance and cover for related medical conditions, had quoted £283.

Cheap Annual Travel Insurance Cover – Staysure travel insurance
A 61 year old client suffering from high cholesterol and his wife aged 65 who was hospitalised with gastritis six months ago wanted to buy cheap annual travel insurance to cover their trip to the USA. Staysure travel insurance had quoted £346.35 so they were both delighted when we were able to cover them for almost 50% less at a premium of £186.00. This was for a multi-trip annual policy giving them cover for as many trips as they like as long as they only travel for 31 days at a time.

Post Office Travel Insurance
This 19 year old female did not have any pre-existing medical conditions herself but contacted us after getting a quote from her local post office. She insured her 77 day trip to New Zealand for a premium of £90.00, which she told us was two-thirds cheaper than the post office travel insurance policy she was going to buy at £270.00.

Single trip Cover from Free Spirit Travel Insurance
A couple both in their 60s had been quoted £335.00 by free spirit travel insurance for an single-trip travel insurance policy for their next holiday. The main applicant suffered from high cholesterol and thyroid problems, whilst her husband also had high cholesterol, high blood pressure, emphysema and prostatic hyperplasia. We saved them over £100 and were even able to offer annual cover for all their trips at a premium of £202.00.

Age Concern Travel Insurance
One of our most significant savings we have shown this month is in comparison to Age Concern’s travel insurance cover. We insured a 68 year old and his wife aged 62 for £705.00, whilst Age Concern had quoted over £1,000. The medical conditions we covered included diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, deep vein thrombosis, arthritis and asthma.

We’re currently building up a series of case studies and client testimonials to be displayed on the World First Travel Insurance website and will be writing all sorts of stories up over the coming months. If you have an interesting story or have been quoted ridiculously high travel insurance premiums, and have since found that we can offer big savings, then let know and we will see if we can include your story on the website.

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