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So it's over. The phone ins are talking about nothing else, the Fabio will he/won't he resign or will he be pushed debate is in full swing and there's just a general hungover feeling. We can blame rotten defending (John Terry, what were you doing? You're supposed to be able to clear up a route one ball punted from one end of the pitch to the other), shaky self-belief or over paid prima donas, the World Cup dream (for England at least) is over for another four years. It's time to turn back to more mundane things like going on holiday to forget all the depression of this Tuesday morning. Why not do something truly unforgettable and go on an extreme holiday? Here's a few ideas:

A cruise in the Antarctic

Described in the video as a "life-altering" experience, Antarctica is the sixth continent. The summer is very short but if you are lucky enough to  be part of some of the small groups that get to go, there's far more than a load of ice to look at.

Motorcycle tours in Mongolia

Well, you won't be troubled by traffic jams. Expect lots of dust, superb scenery and loads of horses. If Charlie Brooker and Ewan McGregor can do it, so can you.

Swimming with humpback whales

Swimming with dolphins is for wimps! These 15 metre beasts weigh 36,000 kilos and only eat in the summer. They leave their polar habitat in the winter to head for tropical or sub-tropical waters to give birth. During that time, they live of their fat reserves. Impressive.

Sky diving for beginners

Have you ever fancied jumping headlong out of an aeroplane? Is that your idea of a holiday? Count me out.

Surf a volcano

It sounds completely nuts, but watch the video, it looks strangely like fun!

There are also opportunities out there to become real explorers, ride real professional road cycle race itineraries (most of these are full for this year) or if that's just a bit too bland, travel to a war zone.

So if you can't bear to listen to the endless blethering about where English football goes from here and who should be the next manager if Fabio goes, get away from it all and cleanse you mind. If you do want to speculate about who will actually win, my money's on the Dutch to come out of their autopilot mode and actually turn over Brazil and beat the Argentinians in the final to avenge 1978. If they can't, put a tenner on Brazil.

A word about insurance. Now I'm not intentionally having a go at price comparison sites, but when you tick the terms and conditions box, make sure you know where you're ticking. My free Direct Line policy that came with my home insurance certainly won't cover me for sky diving for example. You'd be well advised to look for specialist sports insurance or specialist adventure holiday insurance. the premiums will be higher, but you'll be covered if something happens.

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