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Yesterday, I wrote about ways to burn off the steam and anger after the disastrous World Cup campaign and suggested a few, lets say extreme, holidays that you could take to get the adrenalin going. But you don't need to go to the other side of the world to find thrills and spills, to do something different or just to find a bit of peace. Just take the example of Newquay. An ancient fishing village on the Cornish coast, famous for surfing, wind and the cold water. But much more. And by the way, this isn't an informercial, I'm not supported by the Cornish Office of Tourism or whatever its called, I just like it.

Find your inner child, go climb a tree

Yes, you can really go on holiday and climb trees just like in Enid Blyton or Just William. The Mighty Oak Climbing Company lets you have tree climbing birthday parties, stag or hen nights (how cool is that!) or will organise corporate (I presume team building) events, camps schools and festivals. You can even do some "tree camping" if you want to get really close to nature and by sleeping in the trees.

Surfin' USA

If you're a bit too cool for tree climbing, have a go at Surfing is Therapy. These "surf safaris" go beyond the traditional Beech Boys without the weather. You'll learn about a "surfing lifestyle" well beyond standing up straight on a board including why not all wet suits are the same and how to design your own board. Corporate solutions are also available. But its still not Hawaii.

Shark fishing anyone?

Yes there are sharks in Cornwall. Perhaps not Great Whites, but sharks nevertheless. Fish Newquay has a fully-fitted angling boat that will take you fishing not just for sharks but all the other types of fish found off the North Cornwall coast. And they've got a kettle on board, so if you fancy a cuppa, you'll be OK.

Fish-free boat trips

If you like the sea but don't fancy all that fish, the Newquay Harbour Boatman's Association will take you out for a leisurely pleasure boat ride or a more invigoratingĀ speed boat ride cutting through the waves. You might even see some dolphins (yes, they have them too in Cornwall).

A bit of adventure

It has to be said that Lusty Glaze has a bit of everything, water adventure, surfing (again), coasteering, jet skis, "cliff-based adventure" (a bit scary) or more "sedate" land based stuff involving kites (not flying them) or bikes. They'll also teach you First Aid in case you get into trouble.

If all that adventure's a bit too much, how about a spa?

The Fistral Spa does have a gym, but I reckon you'll be more interested in the spa. You'll have all the usual spa treatments, aromatherapy body stuff, but also treatments with hot stones, specialist pregnancy massage and specific treatments for men because less face it guys, we're still a bit squeamish about these things. Then, for an extra tenner, you get champagne and chocolates! Can't say much to that!

Today's the first football free day for a fortnight (unless you include the early qualifiers for next seasons' Champions' League, that is). You've perhaps had time to put things into perspective, I know I have. If not, you don't need to go to the other side of the world for your thrills and spills, there's quite a lot just on your door step.

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