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Association of Travel Insurance Intermediaries Welcomes World First

The Association of Travel Insurance Intermediaries represents companies who specialise in travel insurance within the UK. Members utilise lots of channels and either work behind the scenes of the industry or they sell travel insurance direct to the public. At World First Travel Insurance we like to do a bit of both and are delighted to have been accepted as members to the ATII.
We are looking forward to meeting more regularly with likeminded folk from the industry and having the opportunity to collaborate and engage in discussions which will help shape the future of travel insurance in the UK.

Of course, at World First we have our own ideas about how to develop our products and what the industry needs to be doing in order to stay ahead. In theory, we should have joined the association years ago , we were established in 1973, so better later than never.  We’re currently experimenting with different types of media to attract and retain customers including our various social media channels. Our facebook travel insurance fanpage is gaining friends and we’re using the World First twitter stream to talk to more and more people every day, both individual travellers who are looking for travel insurance to cover their own holidays and our trade partners from around the UK. In the back office we are removing the age limits on our single trip travel insurance schemes and reviewing the approach towards providing increased levels on our medical travel insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions so that we can offer even more competetive travel insurance quotes. So when we meet with the ATII it will be really interesting to find out what the rest of the industry are thinking about for 2010.

With so much happening, we are therefore looking forward to joining forces with other leading travel insurance specialists from around the UK and exchanging some ideas. As a member of the Association of Travel Insurance Intermediaries we have agreed to uphold the levels of customer care and integrity that World First have always strived to provide in any case, and in the process we hope to promote trust and consumer satisfaction within the wide travel insurance industry.

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