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What would Jonathan Ross do on his gap year?What would Jonathan Ross do on his gap year?

So Friday Night with Jonathan Ross has finally come to an end. He says it's time for him to move on to pastures new. Did he jump or was he pushed? That's a question to which we'll probably never know the response but his own answer to the "what do I do next" question is - a gap year!

At almost 50, he won't be the first middle-ager to take a break. Increasing numbers of people of all ages are taking time out because of a desire for a change, redundancy or just a mid-life crisis.

Never one to do things by half, you can't imagine dear old Jonathan taking a year to backpack across Australia or anything so conventional. So what could he do to be really different? (note: this is a bit tongue in cheek!)

Go to a Trappist retreat

Trappist monks don't actually take a vow of silence, just to only speak when it is strictly necessary. Presumably to say, "Pass the salt". So idle chit-chat is out then. That might be a problem. A good opportunity to write that comic book though. But what about those great beers!

Teach English abroad

Given his fascination with Japan, that would seem like a good place to go. And no jokes about Rs pronounced as Ws and the Japanese pronouncing Ls as Rs please. Teaching English as a Foreign Language is in fact quite difficult. Don't think that because you can speak it (or any other language) that you can teach it.

Do something useful

If you Google "Gap Year", you find a whole load of companies that will give you the opportunity to spend twelve months in the Himalayas, sit on a beach in Goa or the old chestnut, backpack across Australia. Then there's those that will take you across the world to do some volunteer work - for a price. There's a growing trend to become a "chad" - a charity adventurer where people invent there own trip and raise money for their favourite cause. Go on Jonathan, what are you waiting for?

Learn to cook

There's a whole load of celeb chefs swanning off across the world cooking the local fare. Rick Stein's been to France, Italy and Vietnam, Gordon Ramsey's been to India and it seems like Jamie Oliver's been to half the countries in the world. But surprisingly no-one's been to Japan. It seems like there's an opening there. Or maybe the recently returned Celebrity Masterchef may want a last minute contestant.....

Finally learn something about football

Dear Jonathan, for all your appearances on They Think It's All Over, getting all pally with Gary Lineker and having David Beckham on your last show, you don't display a great knowledge of the beautiful game. You're a good Leytonstone boy, get down the Orient and watch a discreet, well run little club. Barry Hearn's the Chairman, you'd get on great!

Have a holiday

Just for well-earned break. A year might be a long time for a holiday though.

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