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safaris not in Africa

7 safaris not in Africa

Africa is the home of the safari isn't it? Lions and tigers...(whoops, there are no tigers in Africa!), elephants and giraffes. The great savannah, open spaces and all that. Maybe its all David Attenborough's fault, but the popular psyche now has an image of safaris with open-top jeeps and implausibly long camera lenses in the wide open spaces of Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa.  Well no, just a quick enquiry to any search engine you care to use will show you that there are plenty of other destinations right across the world that will give you the safari experience. Just a note though, this list is not an endorsement of the destinations mentioned, the Internet is full of opportunities to compare them and get feedback to see if they'd suit you.

Land Rover Safari in Morocco

Yes, I know that Morocco's in Africa, but it has some of the most spectacular scenery on the Continent. Some of the desert scenes in Lawrence of Arabia where shot there and it has some of the best food in the world too. Land Rover Safari is one of the many that will show it to you.

Cerza Safari Park, France

Yes, France. Normandy. Home of camembert, pont l'évêque (now there's a stinky cheese) and cider. Strictly speaking, it's a zoo, but it has all the feel and approach of a safari park. The English translation of the web site is a bit ropey, the French version has far more information on it. If your French isn't up to it, use Google translate.

Australia Safari

I'm not sure that the "specially-converted, modern off-road vehicles with luxury coach seats and air conditioning" that Discover Australia are actually in the safari spirit but it does get hot in the outback. At the other extreme, BMW Australia were offering motorcycle safaris that sound a great idea but unfortunately they are "under review" at the moment. Hopefully, they'll come back.

Fancy Siberia?

Siberia's not the kind of place you'd immediately think of to go on a safari. And when you search "safari Siberia", a surprising number of tiger-hunting sites appear in the results. We'll discount them then. Siberian Safari promises you a "face-to-face experience with nature". No mammoths though...yet (word of warning, if you click the link, you'll get some cheesy music starting up).

The spirit of Africa in the heart of the wine country

It may be a bold statement but Safari West in Santa Rosa, California seems to provide a real safari experience with vehicle tours, private tours and school field trips.

There's more to China than pandas

Obviously, a country the size of China is going to have a lot of wildlife. The Shenzhen Safari Park, although in theory a zoo, does have safari park attached. Watch out for the terrible translation on the web site though, "With green mountains to the north as its barrier, the Safari Park is like a bright pearl in the bustling metropolis". Mmm...

You can see tigers on safari

In India...(as well as China and Siberia). From Shere Khan in The Jungle Book on (and well before), tigers have always been covered in mystique in the west. They're big cats, so they're mysterious and even devious, and they're pretty powerful too. And endangered. Nature Safari India offers you an opportunity to take pictures of them rather than shoot them.

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