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Now this is interesting! Whilst World First can't actually book your holiday for you as we're not travel agents, we can make planning it just that little bit easier with a new service called Essential Holiday Extras. Extras puts those little annoyances of the journey like where to park, where to stay or getting away from the crowds into a convenient, easy to use online booking system so that all you have to worry about is where you put your passport and whether or not you've remembered the factor 50.

Airport parking

Whenever I go away, one of the questions I always have to ask myself is "How do I get to the airport?". Invariably, especially when I have to be there by 7 in the morning and feel bad about asking anyone to take me, the answer is to drive. Then there's the issue of the cost. Even at regional airports these days, you can pay well in excess of £100 for a 2 week stay.

Well, help is at hand. World First has joined Essential Travel, one of the UK's leading providers of travel extras, to make the cost of airport parking cheaper. Choose from 25 of the the UK's airports, from Heathrow to Norwich, Blackpool and Aberdeen and plenty more in between, and you'll find a great deal that will always be better than the one you'll get by going direct. And then there's the chauffeur-driven car...see the link for details.

Airport hotels

How often have you had to get up at silly o'clock just to get to the airport for an early flight, especially as check-in times are getting earlier and earlier these days? Wouldn't it be easier just to go the night before, stress free, and get a proper night's sleep before making it to the airport in the morning?

With World First, you can combine your car park and hotel deals and be transported to the airport for as little as £35. Choose from more than 300 hotels at 25 of the UK's leading airports and start your holiday the night before you go.

Airport lounges

Airports can be a bit of a nightmare sometimes, especially if your flight is delayed. One way to get away from the madness is to spend some time in an airport lounge with a drink, a newspaper and a comfy chair. Most of them also have Internet access. And they're not just the preserve of frequent flyers, Business and First Class passengers, World First can get you into 130 of them in 100 airports across the world for as little as £13.50. A little haven that will make that journey seem just that bit more, well, civilised.

Travel Insurance

Well, you knew we did that, didn't you? Travel Insurance means that when you go away you know that if anything untoward happens, you'll be covered. This doesn't just mean airport delays or cancelled flights, you'll also be covered for up to £5 million for any medical expenses or legal costs you may incur, you'll get a 24-hour and multilingual hotline for legal advice and cover for more 75 sports. If you want to do some dangerous stuff we'll cover you too with a taylor-made quote.

So, what I’m saying is, make the most of your holiday from start to finish. The Essential Holiday Extras from World First makes planning your holiday even easier, as well as giving you some great discounts along the way.

Check out the new section of the website for full details.

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