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World First Weekly Wander is our brand new breakdown of the travel blogs that have caught our eye over the past week. We monitor dozens of travel blogs so we can stay on top of all the best new content. It’s a super-easy, super-speedy way to stay in touch with the best travel tips and holiday hints.

Here’s the buzz in travel cyberspace this week.

Wave hello: Photographer captures perfect images of life on an ocean wave - even if it does mean swimming with the odd shark
Travel Mail

This post from the Daily Mail’s travel blog introduces Lee Kelly, who travels the world taking stunning wave pictures. But his art comes at a price. Lee has been thrown against jagged coral and unwittingly shared the sea with Great White Sharks in pursuit of the perfect picture. On this evidence, he’s not far off.

Twitter: @travelmail

What To Do In Cape Town – A Mini Guide
As We Travel

Speaking of surf, Cape Town is one of the world’s most iconic surfing hotspots. But there’s much more to this great city than the wet stuff, as is neatly pointed out in As We Travel’s mini-guide to the ‘Mother City’.

Twitter: @aswetravel.

Adventure on New Zealand's Franz Josef Glacier
A Dangerous Business

Got an appetite for adventure? Then take a look at this post from A Dangerous Business. It’s a first-person account of hiking across the 12 kilometre ice sheet that is the Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand. There are some great photos too.

Twitter: @DangerousBiz


Behold the hotel room of the future, includes virtual hanky panky

Ever wondered what the hotel rooms of the future will be like? Wonder no more! Futurologist Ian Pearson recently revealed his predictions for the rooms of 2035 for Travelodge. Travel tech blog tnooz have the scoop.

Twitter: @tnooz

Devon offering 'a feast of summer culture’

World First is based in Devon. So it’s always nice to see our fair county mentioned in the press. Last week, holiday advice blog Travelbite posted about the cultural goings on planned in Devon this summer.

Twitter: @travelbite

Making the most of a bad travel situation
Starry-Eyed Travels

Travelling doesn’t always go as planned. But, as this post from Starry-Eyed Travel points out, there’s usually something good to take away from even the most trying travel troubles. Even when they involve getting stuck at Sao Paulo airport after two days of delays. Don’t forget, it’s much easier to keep catastrophe at bay when you take out travel insurance. We can help.

Twitter: @SEtravels

How to Take Travel from Good to Fabulous
Rambling Tart

How do you turn a good holiday into a fabulous holiday? Well, reading Rambling Tart’s suggestions might be a good place to start.

Twitter: @ramblingtart

Losing it Over Lost Luggage
The Ambidextrous Travel Writer

Losing your luggage while on your travels is nothing to joke about. Unfortunately, it’s more common than you might think. But it needn’t be the end of the world, or your travels. Not according to The Ambidextrous Travel Writer.

Twitter: @TravelWriting

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