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World First Weekly Wander is our brand new breakdown of the travel blog posts that have caught our eye over the past week. As always, it’s been a busy week in travel cyberspace and there are several posts we’d like to share with you.

Here’s your quick digest of what’s new.

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do in an Airport
The Planet D

Most foreign getaways begin at the airport. But it’s certainly no secret that airports have become increasingly sensitive places over the last ten years. As the authors of this post put it: “There’s a lot of things that people should not do in an airport, but for some strange reason it happens anyway.” Here’s some advice on etiquette.

How to Stay Safe on a Cruise
Kaleidoscopic Wandering
Okay, so if you’re off on a cruise you can skip the airport advice. But you might want to take a look at some tips on staying safe at sea. As always, research is the key. Oh, and it’s probably best to avoid trying to replicate Kate Winslet’s front-of-ship pose from Titanic. You knew that, right?

Your Worst Travel Experience
Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site

When you’re on holiday, it’s all too easy to think the unexpected will never happen. As travel insurers, we know it does. Some of you may even have a holiday horror story of your own. When Nomadic Matt opened his blog for his readers to share their experiences, the responses came flooding in. Some of them are humorous, some of them scary (being stranded alone in Harlem at 2am is no joke), but all of them underline how important it is to make sure you’re properly protected on your travels. Have a read.

Family Travel Builds Confidence (and Character)
Discover Share Inspire

Think travelling with the kids is a disaster waiting to happen? Think again. It can shape who they are. And it can be hugely influential on the development of their social skills. You can find out more in this well written and inspiring article.

Travelling with Food Allergies
Travel Savvy Mom

We speak to a lot of travellers with food allergies and we know how difficult it can be to avoid the potential hazards without hassle. That’s especially true if it’s your child who has the allergy. If you’ve ever struggled in the past, this article will help to make sure you never have to struggle again.

The human factor – an important part of travel
GlamourGranny Travels

Exploring the famous sights on your travels is all well and good. But it’s just as important to meet the people. That’s how you really get under the skin of a foreign culture. In this post, GlamourGranny Travels talk about the importance of the human factor in travel.

How To: Photograph Beaches, Cliffs and Coastlines
V Travelled
Ever got back from your holidays eager to see the snaps and been a little disappointed with the results? V Travelled is a blog by leading travel photographer Steve Davey. In this post, he offers some tips on how to take coastal photographs that will do the holiday memories justice.

Eric Kim Street Photography
Eric Kim Street Photography
Of course, to capture the culture of your holiday destination you need to take to the streets with your camera and observe the daily life. Take a look at this inspiring blog from Eric Kim. Some of his ‘street photography’, as he calls it, is amazing.

10 wildest electronic music festivals worldwide
Matador Network

We love music at World First. We even created our own travel-themed Spotify playlist. Are you a fan of the aural arts too? Then you might be up for heading to one of the hundreds of foreign music festivals that will take place this summer. Here’s Matador’s guide to the best international electronic music festivals.

Has a travel story caught your attention recently? Then let us know and we'll take a look. Have you seen anything inspiring? Has your appetite for foreign adventure been rekindled through the written word? Leave us a comment below and let us know. We love sharing.

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