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The World First Weekly Wander July 4th 2011

Busy day today? Too stretched to catch up on the best in travel news and writing? Manic Monday making it impossible to manage those blog feeds? Don’t panic. The World First Weekly Wander is our very own weekly breakdown of the best travel based web content. It’s compiled by our very own Tristan Rothwell ( @WFTristan for all you tweeters). So sit back and let him do all the work.


I love a list (what man doesn’t?) so this week I’ve compiled my own hit parade of the best online lists. And to top it off I’ve added (last but not least, of course) an amazing video from Worldhum.

But first. On to our list.

Our first is a visit to Aaron Bradford AKA @Happytimeblog who tells us how to make backpacking harder than it really needs to be. I am sure we have all made at least one of the mistakes listed here (I know I have).

So you love to travel but need to make a bit of dosh along the way? Our friends at The Gay Traveller Blog (who we follow on Twitter) may have the answer with their post 3 ways to make a living while travelling

Ok. So now you have made a bit of money - thanks to the above post - we want to help you keep it!  Let @vagabondish show you how not to get scammed when on your travels

And carrying on with the staying safe theme, let’s have a look at @rtwdave and his article, 5 safety tips for taking taxis in Latin America

On a serious note, staying safe includes taking out travel insurance. Of course we’re biased but we really do offer some of the best deals around for travellers! In fact, if you’re looking for a bargain, click here and you’ll get a discount on your next World First travel insurance policy!

Right then, back to the lists. Moscow is on my bucket list and has been for a long time (ever since my school trip there was cancelled in 1982). So reading the @GapYearEscape list of the top 5 places to Visit in Moscow has made me even more determined to get there.

Let’s travel a bit closer to home now. Thanks to @travelingsavage for the great article on 9 ways to fill your days in Moray Speyside. I like the sound of sampling drams at the Whiskey Shop!

Let’s stay a while in the UK and explore five of the best markets in Manchester thanks to @blightytraveler. Makes you want to go doesn’t it?

Lastly, it’s off to find out where a couple of world travellers with a busy schedule are going to be next week. William and Kate are off to California! Let’s hope they have their travel insurance sorted.  @lonelyplanet has a list of places the royal couple should visit while they are there. One simply must.

Well I promised you a video to round off this week’s “world First Weekly Wander” and this one Blew me away I found it thanks to Worldhum you can find them on Twitter Here

Splitscreen: A Love Story from JW Griffiths on Vimeo.

Have you got a blog you want to shout about? How about one that you think Tristan should mention in the Weekly Wander? Let us know! Tweet Tristan on @WFTristan and we’ll do our best to include it.

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