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A photo essay of Old Mother Kernow - that's Cornwall

Photographer and World First social media man Tristan Rothwell recounts his recent trip to Cornwall and shows off some of the photos.

Having just returned from a trip to my birthplace and home town, Penzance in Cornwall, I thought I would share some photographs with you from the trip.

I don't get home to the motherland as often as I would like - but have just found time to spend a long weekend there with my girlfriend, armed with my usual array of cameras including my standard weapon of choice: the Canon 50d equipped with a Canon 50mm prime lens, the sharpness of which is truly amazing! The thing is, it didn't actually make it out of my camera bag!

The reason the Canon became slightly ignored this weekend is due to taking delivery of my shiny new white iPhone! And then going into a camera app downloading frenzy. I downloaded Hipstamatic , Scratchcam and a few others the evening before leaving and was like a child with a new toy. Hipstamatic gives you a lovely lo-fi effect which i really like. I usually spend hours taking photographs with my £1000 DSLR and then spend many more hours making it look like they were taken on a £20 Russian charity shop camera. Not anymore thanks to these toy-camera apps.

I am a street photographer by choice, where the idea is to get the photograph without being seen! That's not easy if you are using a large digital SLR. So the iPhone makes the perfect street photography and holiday camera. It's got a 5mp lens, there are some great apps for it and nobody seems to take any notice of you using it. Perfect.

Here's some of my iphoneography from the trip.

Land's End - The end of the UK.

St.Ives in the rain. I guess it had to rain at least once. We decided to make a run for the Tate Gallery.

Once in the Tate Gallery we became part of the art itself, adding our names to the walls of one of the exhibitions.

I spotted these model houses in a shop in the High Street in St Ives and thought it may make an interesting shot.

We left St.Ives and headed for Sennen (my spiritual home). I grew up surfing Sennen and considered it my local break for 20 years. So I always visit when I'm in Cornwall. The sunsets are spectacular. Usually. Unfortunately, they weren't this time and the heavens opened (again) just as we arrived. We made our way to The Beach Restaurant which really is worth a visit.

We would have sent you a postcard but...

We finished our long weekend with a trip to Philp's pasty shop in Hayle, where we loaded up with pasties to take home for friends and family, not least the World First Managing Director who is a keen ambassador of pasty power. And what trip to Cornwall is complete without a pasty? Exactly. We'll be back soon to stock up again.

Tristan Rothwell - Social Media Team - World First Travel Insurance
Twitter @wftristan

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