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Every Monday our social media man Tristan Rothwell brings us his rundown of what’s hot in the travel blogosphere. It’s an easy way to catch up on the top travel trends and take a look at the stories that are making waves online. This week, World First Weekly Wander goes spiritual and embarks on a quest to find blog posts that nourish mind, body and soul. Who can resist that?


Take it away, Tristan!

Hello again travellers! It’s Monday and that can only mean it’s time to wander across the travel web to see what’s hot, through the eyes of World First. This week I have been reading a lot about yoga, something I’m a huge fan of. Never tried fit? You should, it’s amazing! And it’s a much tougher workout than some people think. 

With yoga in mind, I thought we could go on a voyage of both travel and self discovery in this week’s World First Weekly Wander.

First up, Mistakes - Make Them, written by Mike Sowden, aka @mikeachim on Twitter. In the words of Mike, mistakes are medals. Don’t be afraid of becoming highly decorated! Next up, The 45 Most Inspiring Quotes on Change, written by Twitter’s @lilyleung. My favourite is: “One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.”

We all need something to look forward to in life, whether it’s a journey, a holiday or even something as simple as a cold beer after work. Take a look at what Chris Guillebeau is looking forward to and then go and write your own list and share it with us and Chris. What are you looking forward to?

Let’s take a look at the body next.

Keeping the body healthy can be hard when you’re travelling. Twitter’s @wanderingeds can help with their Top 10 Ways to Stay Healthy While Travelling. Number 11 was my favourite tip! What’s yours?

Staying with the body, we sought the help of our friends over at Flip Flop City to help us get fit to surf. Read their advice and you may become a better swimmer than The Hoff.

My mum is a fitness fanatic and is in amazing shape for a lady of her age (although she swears she is only 38, which is odd as I’m 39). I liked reading @Donna_Hull’s post titled Learning to be a Fit Boomer Travel Girl. So much so that I sent the link to my mum.

Now, to the spirit!

Spirits can sometimes sag when you're travelling. Mine sagged when I was told I had missed a connecting flight to Cape Town a few years back. Here are a few lessons in keeping those spirits soaring whilst you travel. Escaping the Death Star in your Life is a brilliantly written piece by Matt Konig, who is known on Twitter as @1yearsabbatical. Read on Jedi!

Right, now that we’ve got all spiritual let’s take a look at some spiritual destinations, courtesy of @tripbase. My 8 Favourite Spiritual Places in the World.

I hope you all achieve enlightenment this week! Leave a comment below and tell us your thoughts. Have a great week, stay safe and if you’re travelling, don’t forget the travel insurance.

Tristan Rothwell

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