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Fruit is great for digestive health Smile inside for National Gut Week

Did you know that it’s National Gut Week this week? It’s true. And it’s all about promoting the importance of happy tummies and good digestive health. After all, you know what they say. When you’re happy on the inside, you’ll be happy on the outside. A healthy digestive system is the foundation of a healthy you.

An upset tummy is never nice. But consistently bad dietary choices can take their toll and lead to more troublesome problems over time, especially when a bad diet is accompanied by stress and a lack of exercise. Estimates suggest that around a third of the UK regularly suffers from digestive problems. And travel-lovers can be particularly at risk.

When you visit a foreign country, the microflora in your gastrointestinal tract is suddenly exposed to a variety of microbes that it isn't used to. This can result in digestive upsets, such as diarrhoea and sickness. That’s why it’s often the case that holidaymakers get a stomach upset while they’re away. Especially if they’re more adventurous in their culinary choices! (It’s just one more reason to make sure you remember the travel insurance.)

But the fact is that nobody likes talking about problems with their digestive health. It’s a bit of a cultural taboo. National Gut Week seeks to change this by throwing the spotlight on digestive health. The campaign also  aims to raise awareness of illnesses that can affect the digestive system, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease – a condition that causes inflammation and damage to the linings of the digestive organs. Conditions such as these can strike anyone, at any time. Yet a lot of people don’t really know what they are.

One of the campaign’s key messages is that taking control of your digestive health can be easy. Even small changes can make a big difference. In fact, a healthy, happy digestive system can be as simple as eating the right portions of the right food and getting the right amount of exercise.

So if you’re feeling a little concerned about your current dietary choices, it’s best to go with your gut and try making a few changes. You can find out more and get a free information pack at

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