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World First Travel Insurance review : October

Want to know what our service is really like? Last month we launched a new series for our blog: The World First Travel Insurance review. Each month we’ll reveal the average customer rating of our service as well as a snapshot of some of the customer feedback we’ve received. And we don’t just copy and paste all the best comments. The idea is to give everyone a clearer insight into our service and standards, while introducing the ways we plan to make World First even better.

Whenever someone buys a new policy with us, we ask them to rate their experience of our service out of 10 - 10 is the best. Feedback has been received by more than 170 people for the month of October.  The average rating is just above 9 out of a maximum score of 10.

We also ask each customer if they think there’s anything we could do to improve our service. You can read a selection of the comments below, together with a response from World First Managing Partner, Martin Rothwell.

“Your search facility for medical conditions should be made to initially accept general descriptions of a condition, then lead onto a more detailed definition bit by bit.”

Martin Rothwell: We are working on revisions to the medical screening software and hope that the database, which includes thousands of conditions, will become much easier to search in 2012.

“Perhaps there should be a 'review' page just before the ‘pay now’ section.”

Martin Rothwell: We're going to add this in the next release of the website as a number of people have asked for the same. We want everything we do to be as transparent as possible.

“Only thing you could do better is give the cover for free!”

Martin Rothwell: We work hard with underwriters to make sure that we keep the premiums as cost-effective as possible. Free travel insurance might be beyond us though! But working closely with insurers (Professional Travel Insurance Company Limited) means we can continue to offer what we hope is a great deal.

“The ability to save the quote would have been useful as I didn't buy first time around.”

Martin Rothwell: We talked about this in our last World First review. We're still working hard to enable customers to save their quotes and access them later via a username and password.

“I've insured with you before. Why not use my existing history as a start point for a quote? Am I getting better or worse?  In this case much better.”

Martin Rothwell: This is a regular question, both online and over the phone. Our underwriters require that each policy is dealt with as a new policy. Also, the questions we ask during screening often change depending on the results of post travel claims analysis, so it is not yet possible to re-use previous medical screening data. But because so many people are asking for it, we are now developing an answer that will suit everyone.


As well as suggestions on ways to improve, many customers provide positive reviews of the service they received with us. Here are a few of the comments we had in October.

“The medical questions were clear.  My medical conditions were accepted for cover with no fuss.  The premium was very reasonable, far less than expected.”

“It gave me peace of mind that my pre-existing medical condition was covered for my trip to Canada to see my daughter and grandchildren.”

“As good as it gets, second time I have been with you. Very pleased.”

“Everything is great thank you. The policy gives us peace of mind, the wording can be understood and the medical screening is so easy to navigate.”

“I have not ever needed to claim on my travel insurance so I am hoping this will continue for many years to come. That said, if I ever DO have to make a claim, all I can say is if the service offered in a claim is anywhere near as good as your online service then I will be returning to you year after year from here on in!”

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