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World First Wander. The world of graffiti and Street Art

Welcome to another World First Wander, a regular write-up of the travel articles, sites and content with our very own social media man, Tristan Rothwell. It’s a super-speedy way to catch up on your travel reading, so take five minutes out to sit down with a coffee and relax. Today Tristan’s talking street art.

Over to you, Tristan!

Greetings travelling friends! It’s been a busy week here at World First. The phone have been ringing off the hook and we’ve all be in our corners organising this year’s secret Santa and reading The World First Travel Insurance Review

As many of our regular readers will know I am a keen photographer. I am also a fan of graffiti, although these days lots of people prefer to call it "street art". Perhaps it makes it seem more upmarket!

When I lived in London I could often be found in the Leake Street tunnels photographing the graffiti there. You had to be quick because the pieces changed daily.

World First Wander

The world of graffiti and Street Art

Cape Town in South Africa was another prime location for street art. In some parts of the city I had to make a few  hit and run ‘Kodak attacks’. It wasn’t sensible to be there for long. Fortunately, my then wife was from Cape Town and every time I heard her say something about a part of town being dangerous I knew there were photos to be taken. It went like this: see art, stop car, out of car, shoot, in car, gone !

Street art has come a long way – in fact some of it is now big business - so I thought I would have a look at some recent blog posts from around the globe. Most are travel based so if you are heading off and want to get the lowdown on the local street art then read on...........

I am going to start off close to home with one of my favourite photographers, @VivecaKohPhotog The UK is home to some of the best street art and and Viveca's photographs of Phlegm prove it. Check out

Procession By Viveca Koh and his Urban Exploration page

Next we’re off to Legoland. Well amost. This is absolutely amazing lego street art They have a great blog and you can follow them on twitter too

I was going to suggest Amsterdam next, but then I spotted....... Taiwan. Perhaps not the first place you’d think of for graffiti but one click of this link will change all that for ever, I just need to get some sunglasses like Tooya. This is all from Off Track Planet which may well be my favourite new travel blog.  Find them on Twitter then here

Toronto is quite well know within the graffiti world for housing a lot of talent and the post from @GlbetrotterGrls proves it - Street Art Special - Oh Canada

Anybody who has ever been to Paris will know that the Parisians love graffiti, I think this goes hand in hand with their love of Hip Hop, France, in case you didn’t know, is the second largest buyer of hip hop in the world. Twitter’s @Andiperullo knows just how much the French love it. Check out in search of street art in Paris

Is no surprise that graffiti has become an acceptable art form. But how so? Here’s a quick history lesson - this is a link to an article published in the New York Times back in July 1971 about Taki 183

OK. On with the show. Graffiti is in illegal, so how about doing it with a torch ?

Check out this amazing little vid:

Light writing guide from PIPSlab on Vimeo.

Travels of Adam recently headed for Vienna and found some art. Read about it here in Street Art and Graffiti in pretty Vienna

In some cities it is possible to take a tour to see the best. The Indie Travel Podcast guys took a tour in Buenos Aires

That’s it for now. Enjoy.

Until next week, stay safe.


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