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Our travel writing competition is changing for the better...!

We’ve learnt something over the last six months.

Our customers and readers have had some extremely diverse travel experiences. And they’re pretty fantastic at sharing them in writing too.

How do we know? Well, at the tail end of 2011, we launched a travel writing competition named My World First. We called on our customers, followers and everyone else to share their first time travel experiences with us. (The clue is in the name of the competition!) Each month, the writer who most impressed our judges won themselves a Kindle. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

We had no idea how successful it would be. That’s why we need to make a few changes.

Allow us to explain...

To tell you the truth, we were a little unprepared for the response our travel writing competition received. Each month we were sent dozens of entries by email. The standard of writing has been great and we love reading everyone’s travel tales. But it’s become obvious that we need to make a few changes to give our competition and our enthusiastic writers the coverage they deserve.

My World First is on hold. But it will return better than ever.

We’re building a micro site where we can host everything related to My World First. The new site is still in the planning stages at the moment, so we can’t reveal too much. What we can say is that every entry we receive each month is going to be published on our website so that all writers are recognised, rather than just the winners and runners-up. We’re also going to fill the new website with every single entry we’ve received since My World First started. It’s exciting stuff.

How long until these changes come in?

We’re going to put My World First on hold for a short time while we develop the new website. That means May is the last month you’ll be able to enter the competition for a little while. So, if you’ve ever wanted to take part in My World First, you’ve just got time to get your entry in. (Here’s a link to the competition rules.)

But it’s a certainty that My World First will return in the autumn. You can be sure of it. Just like you can be sure that the competition will be better than ever before. Of course, you’re welcome to send in your entries while we develop the new website. We’ll add it to the others we receive in the first month after relaunch. So there’s no need to pack your Thesaurus away for the summer if you’re simply not ready to.

In the meantime, we’d like to thank you in advance for your patience. We’ll update you with more news as soon as we get it.

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