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The world’s most dangerous countries for British travellers

Recent statistics have revealed that The Philippines, Thailand and Jamaica are the most dangerous countries in the world for British travellers.

The exotic destinations ranked as those in which British travellers are most likely to require consular assistance, according to the Foreign Office’s freshly-pressed British Behaviour Abroad paper, an annual report revealing every instance where the Foreign Office has administered consular assistance in the preceding twelve months.

The Foreign Office report ranks countries based on calls for assistance regarding arrests, drug arrests, assault, sexual assault, rape, hospitalisation and death – as well as other incidents such as abduction, missing persons and forced marriage.

By those metrics, The Philippines, Thailand and Jamaica are proportionately the most dangerous destinations for British travellers, with Greece not far behind, carrying the unbecoming banner of the place where Brits are most likely to be hospitalised.

Staying safe on holiday

Of course, we’re talking about extremes here. If you’ve got plans to pack your bags for one of these destinations, it’s perfectly likely that you will enjoy a happy, trouble-free holiday. Hundreds of thousands do just that each year. But it makes sense to be extra vigilant if you’re planning a visit. You need to be clear on your holiday plans as well as the areas to avoid. And that process begins before you leave.

Clarity begins at home

Thirty minutes, a computer and an internet connection. That’s all you need to give yourself a thorough grounding on staying safe in your destination of choice before you jet off. The Foreign Office website features up-to-date travel advice for every country you could possibly think of visiting. Go and take a look.

The Philippines

Terrorism, typhoons and kidnapping all make the Philippines a risky place to visit. But out of 97,000 annual visits from Brits, the majority are trouble free. The Foreign Office website will give you all the advice you need about staying safe. >> Go there now


Thailand is a disarmingly beautiful country. But it can be dangerous too. Political instability is one of the key triggers for a high level of terrorism. Laws are strict and you can even be sent to prison for making defamatory remarks about the Thai royal family. Get the lowdown on staying safe from the Foreign Office website.  >> Go there now


One of the main threats facing British travellers in Jamaica is crime, which can be violent. Gang violence is rife in some areas but, as a visitor, you should not be directly affected. However, it’s essential to be vigilant against robbery. The Foreign Office website will help you to make sure you are prepared. >> Go there now

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