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Most people have no idea about Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease. Don’t be one of them.

They say that innocence is bliss. That’s simply not true when it comes to medical awareness. Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease is the most common inherited neurological condition in the UK. With CMT, the nerves don’t function properly and cause problems with the electrical supply that makes muscles work. Eventually that can lead to muscles wasting away, after which they cannot work.

CMT affects both motor nerves (those used to move) and sensory nerves (those used to feel). It affects the longest nerves in the body first – those from the spine to the feet, so most new patients present with problems in their feet. That’s bad news if you’re on your feet a lot as standing for long periods can become very difficult. Many patients may need an aid like a crutch to help walk later in life, although the need for a wheelchair is rare.

What’s the prognosis? Well, there is no cure. However, the disease usually progresses slowly – over decades – and most patients can expect a normal life expectancy if the disease is managed correctly.

What is CMT Awareness Month?

Not enough people know about Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease. CMT Awareness Month is designed to change that, boosting public awareness by asking people to host fundraising events. The campaign is organised by the charity CMT United Kingdom, who are the only charity in the country that helps people living with the condition. They are a major source of information for patients and help to fund medical research into the disease. Find out how you can help on the CMT United Kingdom website.

Travelling with Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease

CMT can be difficult to live with sometimes. But as medical travel insurance specialists, we know that it’s no reason to hold you back from a happy holiday. And travel insurance shouldn’t hold you back either. So while some insurers will charge you a fortune for a policy that covers your condition (if they don’t turn you away completely), we’ll give you all the cover you need – at a price that’s fair. Just ask us about our Charcot-Marie-Toot Disease travel insurance.

What kind of peace of mind do you get? Well, you can expect £5 million cover for medical expenses and 24/7 emergency medical assistance. So if you take a tumble and get hurt on holiday, we’ll cover the cost of treating any injuries – and expert medical advice will only ever be one phone call away. We’ve got the practical things covered too, such as £3,000 cancellation cover as well as protection for your baggage, cash and valuables. We don’t think there’s a better CMT travel insurance out there.

Visit our website to find out more about our Charcot-Marie-Tooth travel insurance or call our UK based customer service team on 0845 90 80 161.

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