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50 tweeting travel experts you really should know about

50 tweeting travel experts you really should know about

50 tweeting travel experts you really should know about

Digesting the latest travel news, opinion and advice is as easy as scrolling through your Twitter timeline. When you know who to follow, travel inspiration is only ever a click away. From voyeuristic real-time updates from gap year travellers to beautifully written travel editorials from bona fide experts, World First social media man Tristan Rothwell shares a rundown of the travel tweeters worth shouting about.

Twitter is a connector of friends, a helpline in a crisis and a constant source of information (and amusement). It’s business and pleasure, rolled into one. That’s why we love it. And it’s why we have been using it since 2009 (we were one of the first travel insurance companies to use Twitter and remain one of the only insurers to provide live customer support through Twitter).

Along the journey we have made some great friends and found amazing travel folk that, if you are a fan of the journey too, we think you should follow. We didn’t want to put them in any particular order - it’s just our list of writers, bloggers and enthusiasts we like, chat with and admire. Okay, here we go...

1)    Zoe Dawes @quirky traveller  - Traveller, writer, friend and happy mum.
2)    Melvin - @traveldudes - Loves to travel and discover the world.
3)    Abigail King - @insidetravellab - Swapped a career as a doctor for life on the road.
4)    Iain Mallory - @malloryontravel - Engaging with the world in 140 characters or less.
5)    Paul Steele @paul_steele - Travelling around the world sharing stories, smiles and opinions.
6)    Travel With A Mate - @travelwithamate - The blogosphere's best travel advice and more.
7)    Brian Seaman - @BrianSeaman – A great resource for disabled travellers.
8)    Cathy Bartop - @travelgurutv - MD of, producers of quality, online travel video.
9)    Dave and Deb - @theplanetd - Adventure couple, blogging and photographing around the world.
10)    Gap Daemon - @GapDaemon - Gap year and travel tweets from the Gap Daemon team.
11)    Jayne Gorman - @Jayneytravels - Travel Blogger of the Year and author of
12)    Heather Cowper - @heathercowper – An eye for the finer points of the world’s cultures.
13)    Sonja Holverson - @sonjaswisslife - Swiss travel tips, events and culture.
14)    Sophie R - @sophieR - Wanderer, mostly with kids, sometimes solo.
15)    Katy Stewart - @katyabroad - Traveller, writer and free spirit.
16)    Roo - @sunnyrothvillas - A paraplegic T.3 with four lovely wheelchair-friendly villas to rent.
17)    Toni - @toniwonitravels - Loves to write, loves to talk and is infected with wanderlust.
18)    Foreign Office - @fcotravel - Government advice for British nationals travelling overseas.
19)    Claire Banbury - @cabanbury - Quit her job to go backpacking across south east Asia.
20)    Paul Dow - @travmonkey - Editor of and founder of
21)    Wes Nations - @johnnyvagabond - Travel tips from a man two years into a one-year trip.
22)    A Luxury Travel Blog - @luxury__travel - Blogging on anything to do with luxury travel.
23)    Alex Plim - @Alexplim - Digital Content Producer at Time Out London with an thirst for travel.
24)    Crazysexyfuntraveler -@sexyfuntraveler - Slovak girl who made travelling her raison d'être.
25)    Charles Yap - @charlesyap - Loves travel, food, tea, photography and hotels.
26)    Nicole Blaess Smith - @NicoleTravelBug - Disgruntled journalism student travelling the world.
27)    Mark H - @travelwonders - Traveller (80+ countries), blogger and keen sports follower.
28)    Travel Massive - @travelmassive - A global initiative to connect people in the travel industry.
29)    Kirsten Alana - @KirstenAlana - Travel diarist searching for home and/or the meaning of it.
30)    My Destination - @mydestination - Web travel guides from those on the ground, in the know.
31)    Annabel Candy - @getinthehotspot - Freelance writer with a passion for travel.
32)    Phoebe M - @themaidenvoyage - Professional writer who's never too tired to explore.
33)    Matador - @matadornetwork - The world’s largest independent travel magazine.
34)    Jo Tweedy - @jotweedy – Mailonline Travel Editor.
35)    Will Hide - @willhide -  Travel writer for the FT, Guardian, Telegraph & BA High Life.
36)    Breaking Travel News - @BTN_News - The latest travel news for industry professionals.
37)    Tourism For All - @tourismforalluk - A charity supporting tourism opportunities for all.
38)    Brendan van Son - @Brendanvanson - Travel writer and photographer who can't stand still.
39)    The Adventurists - @TheAdventurists - A force for global mischief and good.
40)    Carrie Finlay-Bajak - @CruiseBuzz – One of the twittersphere’s leading cruise pundits.
41)    Rebecca Hall – @AdventureGreece - Globe-trotting EFL teacher and writer. Now in Greece.
42)    Rebecca Enright - @BackpackerBecki - Travel blogger, PR, photographer and thrill-seeker.
43)    Anna Silva O’Reilly - @MrsOaroundworld - Luxury travel writer and blogger.
44)    Liz Cleere - @Lizcleere - Traveller, sailor, writer and editor of The Itinerant Travel Writers Club.
45)    Keith Jenkins - @velvetescape - Founder of the Velvet Escape luxury travel blog.
46)    Kash Bhattacharya - @budgettraveller – Navigating Britain, Europe and beyond on the cheap.
47)    Travel Rants - @travelrants – Methodical rants about consumer travel issues.
48)    Nomadic Samuel - @Nomadicsamuel - Digital nomad who's been travelling for 7 years solid.
49)    JD Andrews - @Earthexplorer – The Twitter handle says it all.
50)    Lonely Planet UK - @lonelyplanetuk – Inside info from the Lonely Planet London office.

So there you have it. 50 of the best. But we’re not quite done yet. We don’t want to be a faceless company on Twitter, which is why you can speak directly to our MD @martinrothwell. He loves Twitter. Fire any travel insurance questions his way. Got your own travel blog? Think you should’ve been on this list? Leave a comment and tell us about it.

This post was written by Tristan Rothwell who you can follow on Twitter @wftristan. He's the face of the World First travel blog and keeps travel-lovers up to date on Twitter with breaking news and travel tips.

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