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Smartphone app makes air travel easier

Smartphone app takes the stress out of air travel

Smartphone app takes the stress out of air travel.

Seeing a new country is always exciting. The same cannot always be said for the process of actually getting there.

It’s no secret that air travel can be stressful. Here to ease the anxiety is GateGuru, an app for iPhones, Android and Windows phones that automatically turns your travel itinerary into a stream of useful day-of-travel information.

Come departure day, GateGuru sources information like weather updates, flight statuses and security line wait times. And because there’s always a danger of thumb-twiddling once you’ve passed through security, GateGuru gives you the precise location of the best airport amenities in your vicinity, complete with reviews and photos sourced from the app’s 1 million + users.

For the secret geek in you, GateGuru tracks and compiles data on flight information like total miles flown and the countries and airports you’ve visited. You can even see the total time you’ve spent queuing at security. (Rather you than us on that one.)

Any changes to your itinerary such as delays are pushed through to your handset in real-time, so you’ll know exactly when to call us to activate the travel delay benefit of your travel cover. Sip a cuppa on us while your airline fixes your flight. GateGuru will tell exactly where to go for a taste of the terminal’s tastiest coffee and alert you when your flight status is updated.

Fuss-free flight in the palm of your hand.

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