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Say Adioso to unimaginative holiday booking

Say Adioso to unimaginative holiday booking

Booking a holiday online scoops the plaudits when it comes to convenience. But it can be something of a soulless experience, especially if you’re more accustomed to a trip to the travel agents. Here to put some adventure back in to holiday booking is Adioso, a flight aggregator primed to save you money and recommend destinations that you’d never have thought of travelling to otherwise.

You know what booking a holiday online is like. Hours drift past as you compare deals, drudge through destination reviews and fret about whether or not your preferred online retailer is reputable. When you’re finally ready to book, you find there are no flights available on the day you want to travel. Adioso changes that, making flight-booking easier, cheaper and more exciting.

Search more flexibly, from Bora Bora to the Phi Phi Islands

Adioso is the internet’s most flexible flight search engine. Forget about specifying the name of your destination airport, arrival time or date of travel. Search for ‘South East Asia late May’ and Adioso will retrieve a stack of options for you to work with. Quick as a flash, destinations that you might not have considered are within easy reach of your flight budget. And because Adioso is globally connected, the suggestions go way beyond Marbella and the Algarve. Take your pick from the exceedingly exotic, from Bora Bora to the Phi Phi Islands.

Get to your destination without burning a hole in your wallet

Extra cash in the holiday pot is always welcome. Adioso is a wiz when it comes to finding cheap flights. It works by comparing flight prices across airlines, suppliers and agencies for airports near your departure point. The results are presented in a beautifully readable chart that displays prices for the time you want to travel as well as the cheapest up-coming tickets. Track a certain destination and you will receive email alerts the moment cheap tickets become available. Bristol to Amsterdam for £30? There are bargains waiting to be snapped up all over the website.

Flexible travel requires travel insurance

If you can be flexible about your travel plans, Adioso can save you hundreds of pounds. But until you know the full details of your holiday, it can be hard to arrange travel insurance. No matter. With World First you can take out a policy right up until the moment you leave the runway. And with our annual world travel insurance, you’re covered to jet off anywhere you wish at the drop of a hat. It’s worldwide travel insurance for worldwide travel scope.

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