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Bowel cancer, shocking t-shirts and cancer travel insurance

Bowel cancer, shocking t-shirts and cancer travel insurance

Bowel cancer, shocking t-shirts and cancer travel insurance

We live in a fashion-conscious world. Every hemline is scrutinised. Every jacket is analysed. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a break from all that for once? For one week only, the charity Beating Bowel Cancer is encouraging you to don the loudest and most outrageous clothes you can find. And by throwing sartorial caution to the wind, you will be helping to support bowel cancer patients and their families across the UK.  

Beating Bowel Cancer’s campaign is called Be Loud! Be Clear! It runs from 28th January to 3rd February. Thousands will be routing through their wardrobes and plundering charity shops to get their mitts on clothes that would leave even the most open-minded clothing commentators lost for words. Join them. Hold a fundraising event at work or with friends and the money you raise will help provide critical support for cancer patients and their families.

Moving towards a 90% cure rate...

Bowel cancer is the UK’s second biggest cancer killer. But, as with most cancers, survival rates are dramatically improved with early detection. When identified before the cancer has had chance to spread, bowel cancer can be cured in over 90% of cases.

That’s a pretty convincing case for keeping yourself checked out. Bowel cancer is a slow-progressing and initially symptomless condition. But screening is now readily available across the UK and is undertaken in the privacy of your own home. You can find out more at

Travelling with bowel cancer

At World First we specialise in providing affordable travel insurance for people with medical conditions. Whether you have been recently diagnosed or have made a full recovery, if you’re not going to let bowel cancer hold you back from a holiday then we won’t either.

You’ll get the same cover as we give to the rest of our customers, with £5 million cover for medical expenses and 24/7 access to an emergency medical assistance channel. Anywhere in the world. Best of all, we won’t charge you a fortune for the cover you deserve. Find out more about what you’re covered for with our travel insurance for cancer patients.

Get a fast cancer travel insurance quote at

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