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comparing senior travel insurance

Spend time comparing senior travel insurance

Spend time comparing senior travel insurance

Many people squeeze in their search for travel insurance purchase when they have five minutes to spare, rather than taking the time to weigh up the pros and cons of different policies. Does that sound like you?

Free airport parking. More leg-room on airplanes. A head that doesn’t feel like your brain has sucked in your ears as you come in to land.

If there were a magic remedy for the common irks of air travel, most people would grab it with both hands. Yet when it comes to finding a travel insurance policy that you can count on if you need to claim, the answer is right in front of you. It just takes time.

That’s partly because there are so many policies out there. Yet some people are simply not willing to spend their time comparing travel insurance. Research from insurance aggregator suggests travel cover is an afterthought for up to 27% of holiday-goers.

Not ideal. To bring extra speed and clarity to your travel insurance search, here are some of the things to look out for as well as a quick breakdown of some of the reasons our customers choose World First.  

Travel insurance over 65

More and more people are taking smartphones or tablet devices on holiday with them. If you choose to do the same you will be able to access immediate support from us anywhere in the world in real-time through Twitter. All you need is an internet connection. So if you’re out on a limb in Lima or stranded in Seville, just tweet us your query and we’ll get right back to you. We were the first travel insurer to offer this service. And we remain unique in the way we use Twitter to help our customers.

Travel insurance over 70

Age is a state of mind. But one of the inescapable truths of approaching your twilight years is that you are more susceptible to ill health. If you are travelling with a medical condition (or have one in your medical history), it’s really important that you tell your travel insurer. Failure to do so could actually invalidate your entire policy. Not good.

Thing is, some insurers really hike up their premiums for covering medical conditions. And if your condition is serious you may even be refused cover. We don’t think it should be like that. Medical travel insurance is our specialism and we cover hundreds of conditions. The best bit? We do it for a price that’s fair. So you’ll have more in your holiday pot to spend while you’re away. Sangrias and snowglobes ahoy!

Travel insurance over 80

With some travel insurers, it’s not always clear what your policy actually covers. And when that’s the case, you’re playing a game of chance if something unexpected happens and you need to make a claim. Will your insurer pay out? Who knows?

At World First we make it easy to see what’s included with your policy. Just pick and choose the policy benefits that best fit you, your holiday and your budget and you’re good to go. We’ll give you even more information on your cover when we send you our policy wording document, which you can choose to receive either by email or post.

Travel insurance over 90

The web has made it quick and easy to get travel insurance and - well - just about anything. But not everyone’s online. For those who prefer to talk their policy through over the phone, we have a highly trained in-house customer service team. They’re based at our head office in Exeter, Devon and are ready to respond to questions between 08:00 - 20:00 Monday to Friday and 09:00 - 17:00 on Saturday.

Just call 0845 90 80 161.

We also have an industry-low policy excess (that’s the fee you have to pay to make a claim). Typically these are between £100 and £200, although we’ve seen some as high as £500. Our policy excess is just £60. So if you do have to claim, you won’t be left out of pocket. Surely anything else defeats the point of insurance?

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