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Looking forward to next year’s holiday? Take a look at this year first.

Looking forward to next year’s holiday? Take a look at this year first! Save money on next year’s travel insurance

Looking forward to next year’s holiday? Take a look at this year first!

Everyone needs something to look forward to. It’s human nature. Sometimes, during heavy weather (metaphorical or otherwise) we need a light at the end of the tunnel to focus on.

We’ve written recently how the period directly after Christmas is the busiest time for a lot of holiday companies, us included. It’s when holidays are booked, plans are laid, dreams are put in motion and hopes are raised.

But before you go and book next year’s trip of a lifetime, try something different this year – and it could save you a lot of money. Instead of looking forward, look back. Think about how many trips you went on in the previous 12 months. Include all the weekends away to Cornwall, half-term getaways, city breaks and business trips – even if they were in the UK. How many trips, in total, did it mount up to?

Save money on next year’s travel insurance

If you took more than one holiday or even took just one big annual vacation and a few small breaks you could have saved money with an Annual travel insurance policy from World First. It would have covered you for all the trips you took for pleasure as well as any pre booked trips you might have gone on for business. Trips of 2 nights or more that were pre booked in the UK – a city break or holiday or a hotel booking for a conference – would have been covered too.

The other advantage of having an Annual policy is that you don’t have to remember to take it out every time you book a trip. As long as it’s valid for your destination (if you get worldwide cover this will be irrelevant) and your circumstances haven’t changed, then your booking will be secure, with cover for cancellation, scheduled airline failure and delay. If you take out an annual policy with Superior cover then even any pre booked excursions (theatre, waterskiing lessons etc.) will be covered too.

Try us and see how cheap it could be!

Don’t believe it’ll be cheaper? Try it by getting a quote for your next trip and then by getting a quote for an annual policy at the same time. For example, For a couple in their mid forties with no medical conditions travelling for two weeks over Xmas to the Canaries (Europe incl. Spain), the cost of a single trip Superior policy would be £55.90. That gives them up to £10 million in emergency medical expenses, up to £5,000 cancellations costs, £2500 of baggage cover and £1000 of gadget cover each. For the same couple an Annual policy would cost just £105.95, which is less than double but would also allow them both to travel independently at any point during the year – whatever reason and wherever it may be.

It makes good sense. Even those UK trips start to add up. And if you plan on taking more than 2 holidays it really is a no brainer.

Call us on 0845 90 80 161 for an instant quote or get one online by CLICKING HERE.


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