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2014 is the year of travel. So where to first?


2014 is the year of travel. So where to first?

Now that 2014 is almost upon us (it came around quickly, didn’t it?), it’s time to make plans for the year’s travel. But with the world at your feet, where will you go? Here are three ideas for your holiday plans for 2014…

Brazil 2014 for Brazil 2014, of course!

For die-hard football fans there’s going to be just one location to head for this summer. It’s Brazil, of course. It’ll be hot, expensive and you’re going to have to visit a lot of places if England make it to the final in Rio. The first stop on tour is Manaus in the rainforest, a full 1666 miles from the next game, just four days later in Sao Paulo. After that, travelling to England’s third game in Belo Horizonte will be a relative walk in the park at just over 300 miles. Then it’s all up for grabs with potential trips to Rio or Receife for the quarters.

The point is that Brazil 2014 is going to demand a lot of travel from even the most ardent voyagers. But insuring your trip won’t be. With World First you can choose from a number of policies to suit you and the trip you’re planning. So if you get delayed, have to cancel or get ill when you are away, you’ll be in good hands. There’s more information about Brazilian travelling dos and don’ts, including information on smoking, customs and healthcare on our Quick Guide to travelling in Brazil.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) have just published information, travel advice and warnings for people travelling to Brazil for Rio 2014. It's called 'Be on the Ball' and you can find it HERE.

Greece for best value

According to The Lonely Planet, Greece is going to be a great value destination this coming year. This is because the droves that used to take advantage of its great weather, perfect beaches, divine cuisine and staggering archaeological sites have been staying away of late. Who wants to visit a country in political and economic upheaval? Well, we do. Large parts of Greece have relied on tourism for many years so they’ve been dropping prices to win us back again. So you may just be able to find a little whitewash and blue of your own at cheaper-than-ever prices. How about taking the summer off to soak up the Greek sun? Our Backpacker and Long Stay travel insurance policies can cover families and individuals up to the age of 65 for trips of up to a year, with a maximum of £5million in emergency travel expenses, Cancellation cover and even gadget cover. We can even cover your medical conditions. Get a quote now.

Finland for winter sports

With the shortest day already behind us and the spring approaching fast, it’s the time to consider Finland for a winter sports break. As they move in to the back end of the season – which lasts until May – there is more and more daylight to play with. Nevertheless, short days are compensated with floodlit pistes and no queues.

Going to Finalnd also means that you have every chance of catching the enigma of the Northern Lights, something that you’d never see in mainland Europe. You can also take trips north of the Arctic Circle, follow reindeer, snowmobile across vast, un-populated country and experience the hospitality of a warm and generous nation.  Levi is a recommended resort with 43 slopes, 26 lifts and more than 200km of cross country trails as well as one of Finland’s best snow parks for the snowboarders.

Of course, don’t forget your Winter Sports travel insurance from World First. It’ll cover you for days you can’t ski, as well as your equipment and medical cover up to £10million. If you take out an annual policy (which will save you money if you travel more than once) then you’ll be able to ski for 17 days on the policy.

Cruising for new on-board experiences

The cruise industry is tough. With more and more ships sailing the seven seas there is ever more competition to be innovative and provide something new and genuinely different from other cruise lines. Ships now have gardens, surf machines, flumes and all kinds of food venues, ‘enrichment programmes’ that include cooking crafts and lectures, and more and more facilities for days at sea.

Norwegian Getaway, from Norwegian Cruise Lines, is one of those ships. She’s set to launch in February and features all kinds of experiences for those on board, including a water park with five water slides, a three storey sports complex with a ropes course and ‘two symbiotic spaces’ (whatever that means). As with plenty of other cruise ships there will be a real-life celebrity chef’s restaurant on board, along with 8 alfresco dining venues, casinos, bars and more restaurants, a brand new special effects laden magic show and a ‘Grammy Experience’ with former Grammy winners performing regular turns. Oh, and her hull has been painted by a pop artist (not that you’ll be able to see it when you’re on board). Bon voyage!

Norwegian Getaway will sail on week-long cruises to the Caribbean from Miami once she arrives there in late January. Our Cruise policies, which offer £5 million of emergency ,medical cover and cabin confinement as well as missed ports and excursions cover, offer excellent value for money for travellers aged up to 100 and those with medical conditions.


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