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Gone Cruising. Why one size no longer fits all.

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Gone Cruising. Why one size no longer fits all.

Are you thinking about making 2014 the year you take that cruise? There has never been a better time.

The cruise industry is evolving constantly. New ships are sliding down slipways at an alarming rate and cruise lines are always on the lookout for ever more innovative ways of attracting customers. You have more choice than ever. They are hiring eminent speakers, famous chefs, celebrities and even adding overhanging spa baths on the side of their liners so you can sit in a Jacuzzi with an uninterrupted view of the ocean! Kids are catered for on family cruises, intellectuals on enriched history tours, adventurers with discovery trips heading for the Galapagos or Antarctica and culture vultures on river cruises to the heart of Europe and Russia.

In short, there is something for everyone, with entry level cruises starting at just a few hundred pounds for UK based cruises and leading up to tens of thousands for six star luxury world cruises with everything thrown in.

So, if one size doesn’t fit all any more, should all cruise policies still be the same?

Yes and no.

Yes because you still need the same benefits when you cruise. That’s because it costs the same to be treated by the ship’s doctor, costs the same if you have to be airlifted to hospital and still costs the same if you lose identical luggage and gadgets. And you’ll be just as disappointed if you have to miss a port or excursion or are confined to your cabin by the ship’s doctor.

But the no comes with the price. If you’re cruising at the budget end of the market then you shouldn’t have to pay the same premium as someone who is sailing the world, should you? If you have to cancel or cut short your cruise it’s only the value of the cruise you are at risk of losing.

So that’s why we’ve introduced three new bands of cruise cover instead of just one.  Economy is for people going on cruises costing up to £999 per person, Standard is for people going on cruises costing up to £3,499 per person and Superior is for people going on cruises costing up to £9,999 per person.  You’ll have the choice when it comes to getting a quote – it’ll all be done automatically. Just CLICK HERE or call us on 0845 90 80 161.

And if you are lucky enough to go on a cruise costing upwards of £10,000 we can cover you too. Just get in touch and talk us through it (make us very jealous!).

Your age is no problem. Your medical conditions too.

We insure anyone up to the age of 100 on our cruise policies. And we also insure people with any number of 1000s of medical conditions every day. In many cases we make going away possible in the first place. So if you are heading for the sun, the arctic, the heart of Europe or the Caribbean, give us a call.

Don’t just go with the flow

Most cruise lines will demand that you have adequate travel insurance cover for your cruise. Many will also try to sell them their off the shelf products. But, as we know, one size doesn’t always fit all, especially if you have a medical condition or are over 65. So shop around (and by that we mean compare our quotes and benefits with theirs) before you buy. It could save you a small fortune!




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