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Are you on the ball enough for Brazil 2014?

Are you on the ball enough for Brazil 2014?

Are you on the ball enough for Brazil 2014?

We’re not going to talk about football on this blog. It’s tempting, but no. What we do is talk about travel, destinations, and, of course, staying safe when you are there. So don’t expect any snide comments from us about how England will fare in the opening rounds of the World Cup or whether or not the stadiums will be ready. We’re not even going to be drawn on any hot prospects for the England squad. Beckham? Surely not!

We remain as tight-lipped as the manager himself.

However, we’re not going to stay quiet about travelling to Brazil. We recently published a newly updated Quick Guide to travelling in Brazil, which tells you everything you need to know about the basics such as currency, healthcare, electricity, driving and even the wet season. As usual, it’s always wise to wise up before you go. In the same way they play football like no other nation, they do things differently in Brazil.

‘Be on the Ball’ with the FCO

Another useful (nay essential) blog to keep your eye on is the FCO’s special site for people travelling to watch the football. It’s called ‘Be on the Ball’ and it contains lots of useful information on staying safe and travelling well in Brazil.

See the FCO’s ‘Be on the Ball’ website HERE.

Meanwhile it’s as well to notice that the FCO places ‘get good travel insurance’ at the very top of its list of health issues and risks. We agree of course, but there are lots more very good reasons to make sure your travel insurance will cover your World Cup plans.

Need good reasons to take good cover?

Cancellation cover is going to be very important to anyone planning a trip to see the World Cup. And it’s made all the more so by the distances involved in following England – even for the initial stages of their campaign. England’s first two games are four days and 1666 miles apart. This means that you’re going to need a plane ticket if you’ve got any chance of making both. And that will have to be booked well in advance. It won’t be cheap either. So all the more important to protect your investment – in case you can’t make the games, become ill and can’t travel or simply can’t go at all.

Public transport? Be covered!

If you decided to take your chances on the ground between stadiums then there are ever more reasons to make sure your travel insurance is up to scratch. You only have to read the FCO advice about travel to realise that it’s not like it is here. Things are different in Brazil. So it’s vital to make sure your luggage is covered, your money is covered, your passport and travel documents are covered, your pre-booked trips and tickets are covered and that any emergency medical expenses are covered too.

Finally, don’t forget that it gets hot in Brazil, even though the World Cup will technically be their winter. “What?” we hear you say, “They have winter in Brazil? In the jungle?” Yes they do. But like all other things in Brazil, it’s not like it is here.

Don’t forget your sunscreen.

Get a quote for your Brazil 2014 campaign now.



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