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Staying at home this year? Even UK holidays need protection.

World First Travel Insurance - Staying at home this year? Even UK holidays need protection.

Staying at home this year? Even UK holidays need protection.

Where are you going on holiday this year? If you are staying at home in the UK, then it’s still worth thinking about holiday insurance. It might not seem relevant to take out insurance in your home country, but a good cancellation policy could well save your bacon if, for some reason, you have to cancel or come home early.

You’ve got insurance. Why do you need more?

Okay. You’ve got breakdown cover that will get you home if your car breaks down, so you don’t need to worry about that. And you will always receive free healthcare in the UK. We are lucky we don’t have to worry about that. On top of that, the UK is a pretty safe place to travel. We don’t have many creepy crawlies or dangers lurking in our waters. So why should we think about insurance for our holidays?
It’s very simple. Every time you make any sort of holiday booking you are entering into a contract – even if all you have done is pay a deposit. That means you may be liable for the full cost of your holiday if you cannot travel. At the very least you could lose your deposit if you are forced to cancel with enough notice, but if you have to abandon your plans say, one or two days before leaving, the chances are you’ll lose the lot.

What could possibly go wrong?

We all have responsibilities and there are many reasons why you might have to cancel a holiday. You may get called up for jury duty or a relative may become ill. You may be made redundant or become ill yourself. What would you do then? Likewise, key members of your team at work aren’t immune to illness. What would happen if you were called back to the office suddenly?
Things could also happen when you are away to ruin your trip, such as your holiday cottage suddenly becoming uninhabitable or beaches where you are staying being closed. Then there’s the prospect of something happening at home that means you have to get back in a hurry: flooding, fires, emergencies. You just never know.

Relax, Guest First have it covered.

Guest First UK cancellation insurance policies will cover you for all kinds of mayhem and mishaps that conspire to spoil your UK holiday bookings. It doesn’t matter if it’s a holiday in a guest house, an hotel, a holiday park or even a camp site, as long as you have a booking the policy will cover you. It will also cover pre booked travel such as flights, ferries and train fares, as long as you are travelling within the UK.
Anyone up to the age of 100 can be covered on a Guest First policy against unexpected cancellation as well as travel delays, breakdowns strikes or weather conditions if you get delayed by more than 12 hours. We also include our ‘Extra Care’ package, which includes cover against unexpected travel and accommodation expenses up to £1000, pollution of beaches compensation of £10.00 per day, motor breakdown benefit of £20.00 per day and cover in case your holiday accommodation becomes uninhabitable for up to £200.

And it’s all available for as little as £15 per policy.

For more information or to get a quote for your UK holiday, see our WEBSITE HERE or call us on 0845 90 80 101.


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