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Want to chat? We’re right here.

Want to chat? We’re right here

Want to chat? We’re right here

Getting a quote for your travel insurance is, on the whole, a pretty easy and simple thing to do. However, there can sometimes be complications, especially if you want to take part in an obscure activity, have medical problems of a specific nature or have complicated travel plans.

That’s when our customers find that it’s easier and quicker to get the results they want by picking up the phone. Our customer service team are available from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5.30pm and between 9am and 4pm on Saturdays. We are also able to answer any queries by email. However, possibly the quickest way to get help is with our new Live Chat feature on our website.

Live Chat makes it even easier

Live Chat is operational during office hours at the moment but we hope to extend the time in due course. It enables you to ‘talk’ to one of our team at any point during your quotation process if there is something you are stuck on. It’ll save you a phone call and is the easiest was to get in touch with us quickly – most of our standard enquiries can be sorted out this way.

How to use Live Chat

It’s very easy. The Live Chat box appears on most of our website pages. All you have to do is click on the button and someone will help you straight away. To ask a question you simply type it in the box, hit enter and wait for the reply. It’s quick and easy.

Using Live Chat if you are in the middle of getting a quote

This is easy too. Live Chat is also available on the secure site so if you get stuck at any point during the process of getting a quote, retrieving a quote or amending a quote, we can help. Just click on Live Chat. We’ll be able to help you straight away.

Got a problem you need help with? Try Live Chat now.


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