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Keep calm and carry on! Advice for travelling with kids.

Advice for travelling with kids

Advice for travelling with kids

Are we there yet? If anything spells out what it's like to travel with kids it's those four little words. It says it all: I'm bored, I want to be there now, I'm fed up with travelling. Of course there's nothing you can do to make the journey go faster or to get you there any quicker, but there are lots of ways of keeping them on your side until you get there.

With the school summer holidays upon us, we thought it would be useful to offer some travel advice and tips for parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles travelling with young children. Good luck!

  • Make it fun. That’s the best advice we could ever give. If it’s fun it won’t be stressful. But if you’re stressed, they will be too.
  • Don't try to do too much in one day. When they get tired it’s going to kick off!
  • Taking the ferry? Book a cabin. On a rough crossing it’ll be the best £30 you ever spent.
  • Don’t forget the comfort blankets and favourite cuddly toys. Parents beware the toddler who lost his doo. That’s all we are saying.
  • Take plenty of games, toys and tunes. Long journeys are hell for kids. So make sure you have the necessaries to keep them entertained.
  • If they can walk, encourage them to. Getting by without a buggy saves space, reduces hassle and ensures little ones are tuckered out come bedtime.
  • Leave plenty of time for wee stops. You know that already though, don’t you?
  • Reward them with treats. Treats like fast food or surprise visits to a theme park or zoo provide an excellent incentive to behave!
  • Let them have their own little rucksack. All grown up and part of the adventure.
  • Put together a kids’ emergency box. Include Calpol, plasters, antihistamine (for stings and bites) and any of their medicines.
  • Always carry sun cream. Kids can burn easily in the sun.
  • Don’t stress if you forget something. Most stuff you can buy when you get there.
  • Take spare clothes for long ferry or plane journeys. Accidents happen. You don’t want them to sit in it for five hours do you?
  • Pack paper, pens and pencils. Small enough to pack away, fun enough to fill the long hours.
  • Take car seats if you are going on a fly drive. Hiring them can be expensive and most airlines won’t charge you for carrying them.
  • Take some time out. Check to see if your accommodation offers a reliable babysitting service. A night off will give you time and space to let your hair down.
  • Make sure your travel insurance is in order. Best be worry free with a good policy that covers you all - including your medical conditions. Get an instant quote at

Bon voyage!

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