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the best travel writing on the internet

The best travel writing on the internet

Welcome to this week’s World First Wander, our regular look at the week’s best travel blogs and articles. As always it has been compiled by our social media man, Tristan Rothwell.

Welcome to another week in the world of travel blogging. I have seen the first few Christmas posts this week but, seeing as it’s still only November,  we shall speak no more of it until another couple of weeks have passed.

I have become an avid reader of this week's first blogger . He’s a man who knows adventure inside out and there and back again. He is a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year and motivational speaker, among other things. However, this week’s blog isn’t about him. It’s all about a man who is having one hell of an adventure for himself on a penny farthing,  Joff Summerfield.  Read going round the World on a penny farthing and you’ll get to understand a little of this amazing quest. You can follow Joff on his travels here.

As medical travel insurance specialist we hear all kinds of stories of illness. Things do happen when you travel, especially if you travel a lot and to remote places. Naturally it’s always vital to make sure your travel insurance is up to date and includes cover for all kinds of possibilities. But sometimes you just have to sweat it out, as Vicky Flip Flop tells us in this next blog. The title Feeling ill and travelling : never the two should mix, says it all. We hope you are feeling better now Vicky.

If you have ever travelled on a train with children then this next post is going to make you smile. It could also save you from tears and tantrums later. This post from Mummytravels tells all about First great Western’s new idea to reunite lost teddies with their owners. We love it!

Teddy Rescue – finding lost toys on trains

Paddington doesn’t look too bothered in that shot, does he? But some people get the fear when they think about travelling. Is that you? There may be something familiar in this post from The PlanetD, about 10 fears of becoming a traveller. I am sure that some will at least ring true with everyone.

Finally, some more of that lovable old bear, Paddington, with a post from Hannah Aka @adventureHan.

The reason it caught my eye is because of the new Paddington movie. I am sure my family isn’t the only one eagerly awaiting its arrival! Anyway, until it does come to a cinema near you, you may have to be content with something like the Paddington Bear Trail, a lovely way to see London.

Follow that bear….

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