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What's stopping you travelling until you're 100?

It’s official: 60 is the new 40, 70 is the new 50 and – well you get the picture.  If the silver surfer phenomenon continues, we will all be travelling well into our 90th year, as long as we can afford it that is.

The opportunities for travel post retirement are so much greater these days, whether it is a short hop for a city break or an extended visit to friends and family on the other side of the world.  Most of us have so much more time to live out our travelling dreams later in our lives.

No kids (unless you are staying with them!), no job to return to, no limits on what we can do. Right? Well, at World First Travel Insurance that’s what we believe.

So, we thought it was a real shame that so many people over the age of 79 discovered that the barriers to travel weren’t health, or physical fitness, or even the cost of their trip.  It was the cost of travel insurance, if indeed they could get any cover at all.

Which is why we have raised our age limit to 100. If you’ve got the “get up and go” to, ahem, get up and go, then not only can we insure you, but we can insure you at the right price.  We have comprehensive policies, to which we have added additional medical conditions which you can opt to have covered, ensuring that you can travel with peace of mind.

Rather helpfully, Help The Aged has recently undertaken a price comparison on travel insurance policies amongst 25 insurers* (not including us) and we think you will agree that we stack up rather favourably.

All quotes based on a one week holiday in Spain (no pre-existing medical conditions):
Help The Aged Research World First Quote
Aged 60-65 £11-£72 £14.00
Aged 80+ £40-£413 £47.00

Why not check out our website, or give us a buzz, and we can help you go on the holiday of a lifetime (or one of many holidays of a lifetime!).

*research conducted by Help the Aged in January 2010

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