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The World First Wander: the Internet’s best travel blogs

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Welcome to another edition of the World First Wander, our guided tour of some of the best travel writing and blogging from all over the globe.

We are going to begin this week with a few suggestions for places to visit in February. If you are anything like me and have had enough of the cold weather, and are longing for some sun, then skip straight to the part where it says ‘for sun seekers’ in this next post. It’s another good one from Hannah, who is also known as @AdventureHan. Where to travel in February offers a tempting list of places to go and things to see this month but it’s the thought of seeing the Nile that grabs it for me. I loved watching the recent Levison Wood series ‘Walking the Nile’ so a cruise down it would be a great – but easier – option!

As you may have read on our Travel News  page recently, Tokyo has been voted the safest city in the World by the Economist. It is with this in mind that we head to the great city now with a regular to the Weekly Wander, Vicky Flip Flop.  What to expect on the streets of Tokyo tells you what to… well you get the rest.

If being in, on or next to the water is your idea of a great holiday then you may have considered a spot of kite surfing.  We have insured Kite surfers for many years and our MD, Martin Rothwell, was a pioneer of the British Kite surfing scene back in the 90s. He has tried and tested our policies to their limits all over the world but has yet to make a comeback this century – although he keeps threatening to. And this brings me neatly to… an article I found recently on the National Geographic Website. That is part of their “Beyond the Guidebook” series. Read Kite surfing in Turks and Caicos and you’ll soon be planning your own comeback tour of the islands!

Some people like their ocean-going vehicles to be a little bigger than a surfboard. In fact I am pretty sure that many of you would prefer it to be a cruise ship. But beware! Blogger Danielle, who writes the excellent Cruise Miss website has been gathering experiences to bring us a tongue in cheek look at What the Cruise Lines DON’T tell you. Been on a cruise? Some of her points will surely raise a smile.

Our last travel blog this week is from another regular, the now heavily pregnant Monica Stott AKA The Travel Hack, who has given us some reasons to be happy and shake off those winter blues.

Monica and I both have the same reasons to be happy! Baby socks !

Until next week


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