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Walking with toddlers - the rules change!

Welcome to another installment of The World First Wander! This is where we take our weekly look at travel blogs and post from over the last week or so. This week we look at babies, Exeter, Cornwall, City Tours and things to do near you over Easter.

Starting us on our Journey this week is Monica Stott, a regular visitor to the world first wander.  We have followed Monica’s pregnancy over the last few months so it seemed right to begin this week by offering our congratulations to both her and her new arrival, George, who was born on the 11th March. Take a peek. He’s gorgeous:  Introducing Baby George.

With the Easter break coming up and – so we are told - the possibility of some nice hot weather coming up, I wanted to gather some ideas for things to do. One of the best lists came from The Independent, with Cheap trips for 2015 that will break the mould but won’t break the bank.

While searching for Easter Holiday ideas I found a great website that is definitely going to give you some inspiration if you are stuck for ideas. is a great website to find days out near you. I found loads here in the South West that I had never heard of….

If you are taking a city break over Easter then you might be up for a city tour! Finding the best ones can be a hit and miss affair, but with a bit of guidance from Grumpy Traveller you may be able to travel beyond that boring old bus tour and find something better. It’s all in How to find the best city tours.

If you happen to be visiting our home city, Exeter, you could do a lot worse that to have a look at Exeter Trails, a site that will give you the lowdown on all of the city’s hidden treasures.

A favourite location for Easter is Cornwall. Blogger Heather Cowper recently made the pilgrimage to St Mawes, which looks amazing. But don’t take my word for it. See Heather’s blog post Sea Views and Spring time in St Mawes and be inspired…

One thing I will almost certainly be doing over Easter is walking over Dartmoor. It could be the last time for a while I’ll get to walk at my own pace. By this time next Easter I’ll be learning how to walk with a toddler in tow. It’s a whole new world. But, if you’re in the same boat and don’t want to miss out on a good tramp in the countryside then you might want to take a look at London Hiker’s latest post, How to hike with toddlers.

The World First Wander is on holiday next week son we’ll see you in two weeks time.

Until then,

Happy Easter!


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5 Responses to The World First Wander – The best travel writing on the Internet

  1. Monica says:

    Thank you very much guys 🙂

  2. wftristan says:

    Hi Monica – pleasure as always – hope its going well with your little man – he is Gorgeous – We have just over 9 week to wait till our bump becomes baby – measured at mid wife yesterday – right at the top of the scale size wise so is going to be a biggun.


  3. Heatheronhertravels says:

    Thanks so much for the mention

  4. wftristan says:

    Hello Heather – pleasure as always


  5. Dawn Starr says:

    I enjoy your regular post. Your most recent on Easter and exploring one’s local area reminded me of my most recent pictorial post of my lovely village of Altea Spain where I had the good luck of a front row view for watching the local Easter procession, which was had pageantry and, as almost always, local musicians.

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