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The World First Wander. Places to see, things to do.

Holiday and Travel Destinations

Snowdon. Walk or train? You decide.

Welcome to another World First Wander, your weekly destination for the latest hot topics in travel and holidays. Each week Tristan Rothwell scours the internet to find out what the leading travel bloggers are talking about. This week it’s all about what to see and what to do on your travels…

We start off this week’s journey close to home in Leeds. Now it might not be first place you think of for a weekend break, but have a read of this post from @pckyourpassport and you might change your mind. Check out the Weekend guide: 10 awesome things to do in Leeds. Looks pretty cool wouldn’t you say?

Next stop is a quick trip to the west and into Wales with Hannah from That Adventurer. To be more precise we’re heading to the home of England and Wale’s highest mountain Snowdon, Snowdonia.

The blog 5 things to do in Snowdonia will give you some fantastic ideas for adventures above and below ground. A trampoline in a disused slate mine? Heck, why not! This definitely needs to be on your list for 2015 – along with the other 4, and plenty more besides.

Holiday and Travel Destinations

Must see. The white cliffs.

As the title suggests, this week it’s all about places to visit and things to do. We couldn’t think of a better place to immerse yourself than @Truenomads  (AKA Justin Carmack) who has been busy compiling his “100 best places to visit in Europe before you die”. It comes in 3 parts and starts off with the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland – a truly awe inspiring place – in the true meaning of the word. And it just gets better.  Check out part 1 here – part two here and finally part three. We can’t wait for the next 60…

The World First Wander. Places to see, things to do.

Sydney sunset. Does it get any better?

We all love a good sunset. And if there’s anything we like more than being there as the sun goes down it’s seeing pictures of a great sunset over the water. So this next post will knock your socks off! And if you are looking for inspiration for a sunset rich trip we guarantee it’ll send you straight over to Google to start pricing up flights and travel insurance.  It’s from Caz and Craig from @ytravelblog and it contains some truly inspiring shots. Which is your favourite of their 28 places in Australia to see incredible sunsets ? And, by the way, we can sort that travel insurance. No bother.

If you do end up flying to Australia then you might well find yourself enjoying a stopover in Singapore, our final destination for this week. With 24 hours to kill and kids to entertain it can be tricky knowing what to do. Not any more! Theodora Sutcliffe from the Escape Artistes travel blog has written a really informative post on The 10 best things to do with kids in Singapore.  Looks like there won’t be a dull moment. Just don’t forget to take in the local food. It’s fabulous!

That rounds up this week’s World First Wander. I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you want to get your latest travel article featured leave a comment below. If we can we’ll feature it.

Until next week.


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