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The World First Wander: Cuba, Kites and Peppa Pig.

World First

Welcome to another installment of the World First Wander, our weekly look at what’s hot in travel writing and blogging. This week we are going to take a look at France, Cuba and, of course, Peppa Pig World. That's travel! And if you need some travel beauty tips, we've got them too...which you will need after your first kitesurfing faceplant!

We start off in the stunning south of France this week with World First Wander regulars Hand Luggage Only. We love their blog as it’s packed with wholesome travel information from wall to wall. And their photography is never less than stunning. Have a look at their 15 reasons why you need to visit Annecy in the south of France. I am sure you’ll agree that the photos say it all.

One place I have always wanted to visit is Cuba. It has always looked truly amazing, with a culture that is like nowhere else. And who doesn’t love Cuban music? That in itself must be a good enough reason to go there. I spotted Wanderlusters7 must see cities in Cuba : a visual guide and have to say that I want to go to every single one. How about you?

One problem with travel is that it’s all too easy to end up looking like you have been dragged through a bush backwards. So I thought a bit of beauty advice might be handy. I discovered Heels in my backpack last week and this is definitely a top tip-packed article for the ladies (and maybe a few boys too). Check out Top Travel Beauty Tips from the Experts.

I spotted this next one and instantly thought of our MD, Martin Rothwell. His youngest daughter absolutely loves Peppa Pig, so this one is for you her. It’s from Mummy Travels and is entitled 23 things you need to know before you visit Peppa Pig World. Essential reading for any parent thinking of making the trip.

Talking of our MD, it may have passed your attention but he was one of the pioneers of British Kite Surfing. This is one reason we do such great deals on Kitesurfing travel insurance. When I saw  That Adventurer’s blog about Kite Surfing I had to take the plunge…It’s called Perfecting the art of face planting. Or, learning to kite surf and it made me smile and think of the many happy hours I watched Martin face plant whilst learning to kite surf. If you are bored on your hols, send someone off to get a lesson – it’s entertainment for all the family. Just check your insurance will cover it (of course we’ll cover it – just let us know first).

I am going to finish off with this great article from as the bird flies which is about stress and anxiety. Everyone worries from time to time so it could well be very useful. The article is about pregnancy but it’s just as relevant to all of us.

Have a read and chill out a little. There is great advice in On Pregnancy, Anxiety and How to Destress in Five Minutes.

That’s it for this week. I am so pleased to say that my newborn baby daughter Nancy Tate Rothwell arrives home from hospital today. I am already struggling with that nappy change so wish us luck. I never thought it would be so tricky!

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