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The World First Wander: Smurfs, Scillies and boredom.

World First

Feeling blue? No! This is Smurf village...

Welcome to another installment of the World First Wander, our weekly look at what’s hot in travel writing and blogging. This week we take a peek at bloggers writing about Smurfs, 'travel personalities', being bored in airports and the 'most photogenic town in the world'. Or is it?

We start off this week looking rather blue with Global Grasshopper and a visit to Smurf Village in Spain. Otherwise known as Júzcar and once a pretty whitewashed village, it was painted by Sony Pictures as a publicity stunt for the Smurfs movie in 2011. The 4000 litres of blue paint used to cover every surface of the wall, house and gatepost has so impressed visitors that the number has swelled from just 300 a year to 80,000. The change has been so popular that the locals had a vote and have decided to keep the village blue.

From the Smurfs to The Isles of Scilly,  an archipelago just off the tip of Cornwall. It is a beautiful place. BabyRoutes travelled there on the Scillonian 3, a tub that’s been making the voyage to the  Islands since 1977. Kate from Babyroutes has written a lovely travel post on why she doesn’t want to leave, 10 reasons why I’m not ready to leave the Isles of Scilly yet . Trust us, if you visit you won’t want to leave either.

Long haul next, to Mexico, or more precisely, Guanajuato – The Prettiest City In Mexico. Looks pretty good, no? Lauren, who has travelled a bit, questions whether or not it might well be the most photogenic city in the world, over her previous favourite of Chefchaouen in Northwest Morrocco. The jury’s out. What do you think?

Travel Personalities next. We really liked this next post from Angie the blogger behind Silverspoon London. It’s a good read. If you haven’t thought much about your ‘travel personality’ yet, now is the time to start. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Do you like to travel spontaneously or do you like to plan every detail? Have a read. My Travel Personality.

With this week’s weather being hot and humid it made us think about escaping to the beach and cooling down in clear blue seas. Regular visitors to the world first wander, Hand Luggage Only, have given us food for thought with their latest blog post, 7 amazing beach holidays you need to go on in France. We always look forward to reading their travel posts as their photography is brilliant. And they haven’t let us down this time either.

Until next time.

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