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The World First Wander - the kids edition

Travelling with kids...

Have you packed it all? Travelling with kids...

Welcome to another installment of the World First Wander, our weekly look at what’s hot in travel writing and blogging. This week we look at travelling with kids without losing your mind.

Travelling with children can be tough. There may be tantrums, travel sickness, tears and even, God forbid, lost toys. So, if you are one of those parents who dreads travelling with the tots, this week it’s all about (and for) you.

Let’s pack first. It is hard enough for most of us but add a baby into the mix and you suddenly find yourself with a whole heap of extra stuff: sterilisers, nappies, changes of clothing, car seat, Baby Bjorn etc etc etc… and we should know. Social media man Tristan now packs for 10 week old Nancy and admits it’s difficult to know where to start. Another new mum, The Travel Hack, has been out and about with 4 month old George (AKA The Tiny Travel Hack) so in a great position to suggest What to pack for baby’s first summer holiday.

Despite the drawbacks of packing, travelling with Children can be hugely rewarding for everybody. It’s all about filling those memory banks! Exposing children to different cultures from a young age can only benefit them in a positive way, which is why we really like this next post from Hippy Happy Mama entitled What really happens when you travel Europe with Kids.  Their top tip sums it up perfectly.

Keeping them amused for the journey is half the battle and its always a good idea to have a few ideas up your sleeve to avoid the dreaded “are we nearly there yet?” If you are looking for ideas, check out pinterest for Kids Travel Activities.

The World First Wander

Want to know how to travel with teenagers? Ask them!

Teenagers next. Eeek. Sometimes it can be a struggle, but help is at hand from Mums do Travel in the form of two posts, one from the mums and dads,   Travelling with teens – tips from parents, and the other from 17 year old Izzy, who asked her friends what they thought might improve a holiday. So if you want the inside track, here it is in Travelling with Teens – Tips from Teens.

The World First Wander

Team spirit is strong! Camping with kids can be... amazing!

Camping continues to be a really popular summer holiday activitiy. It can also really help to build your family’s team spirit – especially if you face adversity (like the British summer)! However, if you need a few tips then check out  25 tips for camping with young kids  from BabyRoutes from Henley on Thames. Take their tips and it’ll all be plain sailing – just don’t forget extra loo roll.

Normally we only include recent posts but this next one was so good that it had to make the cut. How should we teach our children to travel from Travelettes is a really lovely post with ideas on how to teach our kids to travel responsibly and with an open mind. After all they are the travel bloggers of tomorrow.

This one from Christine Gilbert is brilliant and refreshing too. Practical Matters - Travelling with Small Children is a real world, warts and all account of travel with kids. We particularly like Christine’s rule of ‘only one major disaster at a time’!

On to travelling without children…. and child free flights! We loved reading about the parents that handed out ear plugs to the other passengers on their flight back in December 2014 but it did raise important issues – that not everyone likes to have children on their flight. Hence we look to Mummy Travels for a slightly different take on why we should have child free sections on planes.

We hope you enjoyed this kids edition of the Wander. Let us know if you have nightmare stories of travelling with children or a top tip you would like to share. You can do it in the comments section. If there are enough we’ll put them together for a separate blog post.

Until next week

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  1. Monica says:

    Congratulations on baby Nancy, Tristan!

  2. wftristan says:

    Thanks Monica – Nancy is certainly keeping us busy 🙂

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