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The World First Wander: reading, UK road trips, motion sickness and secret London.

Welcome to our weekly look at what’s hot in the world of travel and travel writing from around the world. It’s a mixed bag this week as we are looking at motion sickness, travel reading and some secret spots of London.

Golden hour: taking great travel photos means staying out late or getting up early...

Golden hour: taking great travel photos means staying out late or getting up early...

We start off this week with motion sickness. For those who suffer on planes, trains, boats and automobiles it can be really debilitating. However, with a little advice from Jodie Young you may be able to make the crossing without feeling green. Check out Jodie’s 25 tips for dealing with motion sickness. Incidentally, we also wrote about motion sickness on our own blog recently, with the post How to avoid sea sickness this summer.

If motion sickness is a problem then you could always stay closer to home and explore the UK, which is exactly what Tara of the brilliant Where is Tara? travel blog did recently. She started in Bristol and then headed for Scotland on a good old fashioned road trip in the UK, taking lots of great shots along the way. Have a look at The beauty of a UK road trip. Incidentally we just voted for Tara in the 2015 Blog Awards Ireland, so if you like her road trip post and would like to vote for her too, click here to vote Tara.

Talking of photography, we found a great post recently in the Independent about making the most of the golden hour when you are travelling. And in case you weren’t aware of it, the golden hour is the hour before sunset (or just after sunrise) when everything looks better. If you like taking pictures then Travel photography: Making the most of the golden hour is a must read.

From photography to reading now. For some people, the only time they have time to read is on holiday while they are sitting on a beach with a pina colada in hand (and why not?). What would be your favourite way of skimming the pages? With an ebook or a good, old fashioned paper version? But for others keeping the reading habit on the road can be tough. Annemarie over at Travel on the brain has written a great article all about reading on the move. How to keep your reading  hobby while on the road is a good read… give it a go.

If you like reading and fancy a long journey to finish that novel from cover to cover, then maybe you ought to consider the UK’s longest train journey, from Penzance to Aberdeen. And while you are there (or before you go) you could do worse than break the journey in Ayrshire (if that’s geographically possible). Anyway, we found a blog, Top things to do in Ayrshire and it’s certainly whetted the appetite for a trip up to Scotland.

Say you decided to take that journey? What will you read?  If you are stuck for ideas then let Sabina over at Girl Vs Globe help with her brilliant list of Inspiring female travel memoirs. From climbing Kilimanjaro ( we can insure you for that ) to Eat Pray Love (the film of is truly brilliant according to  our social media man Tristan) to getting lost on three continents, there are some great reads here.

Let’s do some sightseeing now. This next blog is brilliant. It’s from our friends over at Hand Luggage Only who always manage to pull it out of the bag (or should be suitcase) when it comes to brilliant travel blogging. This one is no exception. So if you want to go to London but don’t want to hit the usual tourist traps then 15 secret spots you have to see in London will be right up your alley. And who’d have thought there’d be a cockney cash machine? Would you Adam and Eve it?!

Until next week.

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3 Responses to The World First Wander: reading, UK road trips, motion sickness and secret London.

  1. Annemarie says:

    Hi there! Thanks so much for including my tips on reading while travelling. To me, reading is something I can’t live without and I find it hard to keep up with my passion once I am on the go. I think others are facing the same problems and not everyone wants to purchase kindles. So I am happy that you linked to my article.

  2. Thomas Taylor says:

    Awesome Post!!!! I like to read novels and stories on the way when we are travelling for trip with the bunch of peoples as well as that is provide definitely advantage about road trip and its beauty..

  3. wftristan says:

    Hi Glad you like it – reading is without doubt one of life’s pleasures for me – I am currently reading a very non travel related Miles Davis Biography – but with a new baby in the house it seems to have taken a very long time to finish – then i have the whole saga of finding “that” next book to fill the void of the last !


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