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The World First Wander: travel guides and travel tips

travel tips

Being independent: a travel life lesson.

Welcome to our weekly look at what’s hot in the world of travel and travel writing from around the world. This week we are looking at travel guides and tips from some of our favourite travel bloggers.

How about a few life lessons to get us started on our journey this week? Ok then. How about some words to the wise from Heels in my Backpack? This post is all about growing as a person while travelling.  Have a read of 7 life lessons you learn whilst travelling.

Talking of lessons learned, next we head off to Florida with Cathy Winston of Mummy Travels . From surviving Jet lag to chicken tonight it’s a great blog about – well – travelling in Florida. It’s a popular destination so if you are planning a trip soon, Cathy’s Florida Travel Lessons Learned is essential reading!

travel tips

Lessons learned in Florida? It's pretty amazing!

Of course you don’t always spend a week or fortnight away.  There are times when the quick break has to satisfy the wanderlust! You make the most of every opportunity. Even stopovers have their uses. This next post is all about making the most of 48 hours in Singapore, a ‘popular’ stopover choice. It’s from The Travel Hack and it’s another ‘must read’. Check out A 48 Hour Singapore Itinerary.

If you are in Singapore then it’s highly likely that you are en route to Australia, so that’s where we are heading next, with Caz and Craig of Y Travel Blog. Our destination? Coober Pedy! No, we hadn’t heard of it either but as Caz and Craig say in their post, it may look familiar as its been used as a location in lots of films. It’s so hot that people live underground! Have a look at Coober Pedy - the Quirky Jewel of The Australian Outback.

travel tips

Paris in the spring - or anytime - is just 2 hours from London

Moving a little closer to home now with Polly Allen and Paris. The city is amazing at any time of year, and with the added benefit of being just  over 2 hours from London St Pancras, so it’s perfect for a mini break or day trip. If you are planning a trip to Paris and it’s your first time then this is for you!  Paris Trips for First Time Visitors

Staying closer to home now with a blog from Jersey. It’s just 14 miles from France  and has an awful lot to offer. Never been? You need to take a look at our next post and feel the luxury….A Luxury Itinerary in Jersey from A Bird in the Hand will give you a taste of the good life in a place that’s like a home away from home.

We hope you have enjoyed this week’s round up. If you are a travel Blogger and would like to get your travel blog featured here add a link in the comments box below.

Until next week.

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2 Responses to The World First Wander: travel guides and travel tips

  1. Elle Croft says:

    Thanks so much for including two of my pieces in your must reads list! There are some great post suggestions here, I know what I’ll be doing this morning 😉

  2. wftristan says:

    Hi Elle

    Glad you like it – yes two pieces- we don’t do that very often – only for extra special travel bloggers 🙂

    have a great day


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