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Is your travel insurance worthless? Ours isn’t.

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Which?, the magazine famous for providing the very last word on value and quality, recently released a report criticising some travel insurance companies for offering travel cover that is, basically, worthless.

We welcome such a thing. Why? Because we know ours isn’t! It’s as simple as that. But before we go into details let’s find out a little more about the Which? report.

You can read it here, but the basic upshot of it was that some companies are charging excesses that are as high as the cover itself. One company covered cash to the tune of £200 but then their excess was – guess how much – yes, £200. Effectively this renders the policy worthless on that point… Which? cited plenty of other examples and we won’t name or shame them here.

However, the message is quite clear isn’t it? Check the small print before you sign!

Now lets’ talk about World First. The most you will ever pay as an excess is £200 with any of our policies, but this is for personal liability, for which the cover is up to £1,000,000. Then there’s Cover for legal advice, which is up to £50,000. The excess for that is £175, leaving you with £49,825 worth of cover! Beside those, most of our policies carry an excess of £60, depending on the policy type you take out. For many types of cover there are no excess charges at all, such as if you or your possessions are delayed or if you get caught up in a natural disaster.

Want to check the small print? It’s easy. Just head over to our website and get a quote. You’ll be able to see what benefits we offer and what excesses we expect for each benefit. We wouldn’t call it worthless, that’s for sure!

Get a quote now.

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