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The Facebook Travel Blog List

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The Facebook Travel Blog List

At World First we love Facebook. And so, it seems, do travellers, travel writers and bloggers all around the world. It gives them the perfect show and tell platform for all their journeys.

Over the years we have discovered some really good Facebook travel pages, something we take care to do regularly so we can keep up to date with what's happening in the world of travel. So we thought we should share them with you. We have numbered them but they not in order of popularity. Enjoy!

  1. A Bird in the Hand – A stylish guide to London and beyond
  2. A Dangerous Business – It’s a dangerous business going out of your door
  3. A Lady In London – Adventures of an expat Californian living in London
  4. Adventure in you – We travel not to escape life, but for life
  5. Adventurous Kate – Solo female travel blog
  6. Bitten by the Travel Bug – One girl's solo journey around the world in search of adventure
  7. Anita Hendrieka - An inspirational travel blog
  8. Almost Fearless - The life of a world travelling writer with kids
  9. As the Bird Flies – A Londoner turned wanderer
  10. Baby Routes – Combining parenthood with a love for travel
  11. Bacon is Magic – Culinary travel tales
  12. Beers and Beans – Seeking out eclectic travel moments
  13. Bridges and Balloons – A semi nomadic writer based in London
  14. Budget Traveller – Travelling in style on a budget
  15. Camels and Chocolate – Kristen Luna’s tales from a travel addict
  16. Cruise Maven – Travel slow, enjoy the ride
  17. Cheapest Destinations Blog – How to travel well for less money
  18. Contemporary Nomad – Adventure, culture, travel, opinion
  19. Crazy Sexy Fun Traveller – Crazy Slovak girl
  20. Cruise Miss – Brilliant cruise blog
  21. Dave’s Travel Pages – Inspiring your travel adventures
  22. Emily Luxton Travels – Adventure, fun , luxury
  23. Europe A La Carte – Travel tips, photos and no fluff reviews
  24. Enjoy the Journey – Two young souls from Yorkshire
  25. Feet on the Ground – Travel without flying
  26. Girl Tweets World - A window into Jayne Gorman's life of travelling
  27. Girl Vs Globe – Twenty something blogger and international troublemaker
  28. Global Grasshopper – On a mission to discover the world’s most underrated and beautiful places
  29. Global  Help Swap – On a mission to show the world that responsible travel can be easy and special
  30. Globetrotter Guru – Teacher and traveller with a lust for life
  31. Hand luggage Only – Travel food and home inspiration blog
  32. Heather on her travels – Tasting the food, exploring the culture meeting the locals
  33. Heels in my backpack – Backpacking for the most fabulous adventures
  34. Inside the travel lab – Swapping a career as a doctor for life on the road
  35. Little Travel Bee - Everything from travel highlights from London, the UK and beyond, travel tips, travel related lifestyle
  36. Life Beyond Borders – A life in Greece and worldwide travel blog
  37. London Hiker – Helping you get out of the city and into the hills
  38. Make New Tracks – Travel blogger, nightlife writer craft beer drinker
  39. Mallory on Travel – Making every day an adventure
  40. Miss Barlow – Travel savvy adventures from across the globe
  41. Mummy Travels – Can you really keep travelling with a child in tow?
  42. Mums do travel – Family travel inspiration
  43. My Feet Are Meant To Roam – A love letter to slow travel and responsible tourism
  44. Never Ending Footsteps – Traveller, writer, walking disaster
  45. No Place To Be – Living a life of travel, teaching and total freedom
  46. Pack your Passport – London based travel blogger
  47. Rexy Adventures – Adventures of a handsome backpacker travelling the unexpected
  48. Saints on a Plane – Two sisters from Bristol who love to write about it all
  49. She gets Around – Travelling adventures, dating cultures
  50. Tatty Travels – All things travel and life in London
  51. That Adventurer – Adventurer and foodie
  52. The Chaotic Scot – In my own wee world
  53. The Cosy Traveller – London based 20 something who loves travel and comfort
  54. The little backpacker – A small and adventurous traveller
  55. The planet D – Adventure is for everyone
  56. The Quirky traveller – Seeing the world from a different angle
  57. The travel Hack – Travel blogger with a love for stylish adventure
  58. The travel Tester – Dutch expats in London
  59. The Travel Bunny – People, places, food, fun
  60. The World and then Some – Everything travel for jet setters
  61. This Battered Suitcase - Not only about the where and the how of travel, it's about the who and the why
  62. This Girl Loves – UK based travel beauty and lifestyle blog
  63. Tips for travellers – Inspiration, advice and tips on finding and having amazing travel experiences
  64. Tom's Bike Trip – Adventures & experiments in two wheeled travel
  65. Tots to Travel – Crafting perfect family holidays
  66. Travel Candy – Oh sweet weekend
  67. Travel Dave – Solo backpacking adventures
  68. Travel Tramp – Going where you fear to tread
  69. Travel Unmasked – For people who want to be their own superhero
  70. Travel with Kat – Welcome to my travel tales
  71. Travelling savage – Exploring Scotland and getting scotched
  72. Vicky Flip Flop Travels – A travel blog for people who want to make the most of their annual leave
  73. Velvet Escape – Go explore, experience and be inspired
  74. Wild Junket – Travel light, travel far
  75. World First Travel Blog – We had to include ourselves!

What’s your favourite Facebook travel page? Did we miss you out?  Let us know!


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14 Responses to The Facebook Travel Blog List

  1. Elle Croft says:

    Thanks so much for including me in this list. It’s an honour to be included with such impressive names 🙂


  2. wftristan says:

    Hi Elle

    Always a pleasure, we have followed your blog for ages so it was a no brainer to include you 🙂 always enjoy reading your stuff


  3. A Lady in London says:

    Thanks for including my Facebook page!

  4. wftristan says:

    Hi – No problem always like including stuff from your blog in our “World First Wander” so we had to have you in our list


  5. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for including me! Am honoured

  6. Abi says:

    Ah, what a wonderful surprise on a Monday morning! Thank you x

  7. Suzanne - Travelbunny says:

    Thank you so much for including The Travelbunny – made my day!

  8. Rob says:

    Shame we’re not on it, but a great list all the same 🙂

  9. wftristan says:

    Rob, I cant believe we missed you out !!!

    I am so sorry i am going to get it edited to make sure you are included because you should without doubt be on this list


  10. Sara says:

    Oh sweet, thanks for including me!

  11. Rob says:

    Thank you kindly, I hope we don’t mess your numbering up…


  12. Zoe Dawes says:

    Great list of travel bloggers on FB. Thanks for including The Quirky Traveller amongst such illustrious company! Chuffed to bits 🙂

  13. Thomas says:

    If you are collecting new travel pages, would love to be included amongst these great Travel Blogs 🙂

  14. Rosie says:

    Love that adventurer for her great tips, style and content

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