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The World First Wander: travel blogs we love this week

Travelling with asthma

Magical Scotland. Stone towers on the Isle of Arran.

Welcome to this week’s World First Wander. It’s a collection of travel articles, blogs and inspiration that the World First travel insurance team have loved this week. Compiled, as always, by our social media man Tristan Rothwell.

This week we are looking at Asthma, Florence, driving in Romania and getting your kicks on route....57!

Travelling with asthma

We start off this week, unfortunately, with Asthma.  Amy at Globetrotter Guru recently suffered an attack and had to be taken to hospital (all while wearing a toothless hoodie). You can read all about it in I had an Asthma attack when I got back from Birmingham!  It’s a good job Amy didn’t have the attack while travelling as it could have been a lot more worrying. Having said that, it is one of the many medical conditions we insure. The article is a good reminder that travel insurance – especially with good medical cover if you live with a medical condition – is essential.

Florence is hot this week

Actually it’s not that hot right now (just 3 degrees), but when a destination pops up a few times among our regular bloggers then we know it’s a hot topic. SO here are a couple of the best posts on Florence this week:

First up is a train trip with Greta from Mums Do Travel. She travelled to Florence back in the summer, taking in Bologna along the way, and wrote about them in A Train Trip to Florence. There is some great information in there.

Next is Travel Candy , another regular visitor to the World First Wander. The photography in this post is amazing and had the team here reaching for their passports! It really is, as the title says, A Picture Perfect Day in Florence. Feast your eyes.

Driving Abroad

Driving anywhere other than home is something many of us fear. Not Tom and Kristin Henning, who run an interesting blog called Travel Past 50. According to their “about us” page they are in the 3rd stage of their lives. This basically means they are older travellers, although compared to some of the older travellers we insure they are merely spring chickens! Tom and Kristin have written a great tongue in cheek article on driving in Romania My 10 rules for driving in Romania. It’s bound to raise a few smiles.

Get your kicks on Route 66 (or should that be 57?)

We are not talking about the American route 66 here but the UK’s own version of it.

We spotted this on the Feet on the Ground travel blog. If you haven’t seen it before it’s a great one for people who don’t want to fly. Anyway, route 57 is a trail that’s been devised by Jury’s Hotels and comprises of 57 stopping off points throughout the UK and Ireland. Check out Uk Version of Route 66 for more…

Just off route 57

If you r are going to travel route 57 the you could make a great detour into the Scottish highlands with Sabina at Girl Vs Globe. She ventured north recently to discover what this amazing part of Scotland had to offer. Apparently, as she says, it’s ‘a lot’.  So let’s begin with her list of 12 Magical Places in the Scottish Highlands . Expect lost valleys, enchanted forests and fairy pools!

Until next week.

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