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All set for Christmas? Tickets. Money. Passports. Travel insurance.

Travel insurance

Tickets, money, passport, Santa hat. Check. Travel insurance? Give us a ring.

Are you ready for Christmas? Is everything you need in place? Got your EHIC card? Your up to date passport (better go and check)? How about your tickets? And what about your travel cover? Even if you travel in the UK it’s worth taking out some kind of cover.

Of course, if your plans haven’t been put into action yet then you’re running out of time, although there’s still time to send airmail cards to much of Europe (last day 18th December) while for First Class mail in the UK can wait until the 21st if you want it to arrive in time for Christmas day.

There’s still time to grab a last minute flight…

Airports don’t close over Christmas, although many airlines don’t operate on Christmas day itself. Having said that it is still the cheapest day of Christmas week to fly, simply because not that many people want to miss their Christmas dinner. However, if you were thinking about making the most of the fares, don’t forget that much of the rest of Britain’s public transport infrastructure shuts down for the day.

If you did decide to ditch the dinner and hit the slopes or dash off to Doha for some winter sun, don’t forget about your travel cover. And even if you do, you’ll be able to take out a Last Minute travel insurance policy on the way to the airport (as long as you’ve got 3G - you can buy it online!). It’s cheaper than standard travel cover too, simply because we know you’re going so there’s no cancellation part to the policy. The rest is virtually identical, giving you all the cover you need for your trip.

Forget the last minute scramble and be ready anytime…

If you don’t mind a little last minute revelry or spontaneous shenanigans but don’t want the hassle of booking cover every time you fly, World First Annual cover will see you right. It’ll cover you all year for as many single trips as you need of up to 31 days duration (or 62 if you don’t mind paying a little extra premium) and you’ll still enjoy all the same benefits as you would if you took out a Single Trip policy. So you’ll enjoy up to £10m in emergency medical expenses as well as hundreds of activities at no extra cost. And we’ll cover your medical conditions if you have any to declare. No problem!

Staying at home? Protect your booking

Are you staying at home this year? If you are visiting relatives, taking a UK break or travelling on pre booked trains, buses or flights within the UK, it’s still a great idea to take out UK cover. If you have to cancel for any reason, a Guest First policy will cover it. We cover people with medical conditions, have no age limits and our policies start at just £7.50!

However you will travel this Christmas, there’s a way to get travel cover.

Just get in touch.

Call us on 0345 90 80 161 or visit us at for online screening and booking.




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